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With the changing business needs, you may need to add more expansion cards. That may not be possible in an already congested motherboard. Another thing is that the right PCI express slot may not be available for the type of additional expansion cards. PCI slots are valuable yet limited resources even in modern-day computers. So, should it be a bottleneck to the high performance that you want from your system?

Increasing the Number of PCI Express Slots

Riser cards are independent circuit boards that can increase the number of PCI-express slots available on the motherboard. The Dell 1NH8H 2x8 riserfor PowerEdge, for example, avails three PCIe x8 slots from just one slot on a computer motherboard. It is an ideal choice if you need to extend a slot.

Better Cooling in the System

Expansion cards such as GPUs generate a lot of heat. If these units are stacked horizontally on the motherboard, the cooling can be a big problem. Riser boards are used to make it possible for a vertical component arrangement with enough space between additional expansion cards. So, cooling can be achieved efficiently.

Mixed Riser Cards for Different Expansion Cards

Depending on the functionality of the system you want to extend, you might need x4, x8, or x16 PCI Express slots. Using a PCI e riser card makes it possible to get that slot with the bandwidth your application needs. The expansion card can then be plugged into the riser to scale-up performance and memory capacity.

Buy Quality Riser Board

ALLHDD has a collection of riser cards for every application. Whether you need card risers for ProLiant servers, WorkStation, PowerEdge, ThinkServer, or any workstation equipment, you will find it all with us. Scale-up your IT infrastructure to meet your needs with the best riser card for the job. Add any expansion card to your system it what you want it to be.
HPE 867982-B21 Proliant Riser Card

867982-B21 Riser Kit for Proliant Low Profile DL360 Generation 10 | Made by HPE | Refurbished

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HP 662524-001 Proliant Dl380/385 G8 Accessories Riser Card

662524-001 HP 3 Slot Pci-E Riser Card Only For Proliant Dl380/385 G8 | New Bulk Pack

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Dell 8H6JW PCI Riser Card Accessories Poweredge

8H6JW Dell PCI Riser 1 Card F LP Righ For Poweredge R730 R730XD. New Bulk Pack.

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HP 691269-001 Accessories Riser Card Proliant

691269-001 HP Riser Card Secondary For Proliant DL385P Gen8 12-LFF Cto Server | Refurbished

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HP 777281-001 Proliant Dl380 G9 Dl385 Riser Accessories Riser Card

777281-001 Primary Riser Cage for Proliant Dl380 Gen9 Standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Dl385 Riser Proliant Accessories | Made by HP | more

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Dell DTTHJ Riser Card Accessories Poweredge

DTTHJ Dell 1X8 1X16 LEFT Riser Board For Poweredge R740. Refurbished.

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Dell 815DM Accessories Riser Card Poweredge

815DM Riser Card 1 Bracket for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Poweredge R640 Slot1 PCi-e 3.0 | Made by Dell | Refurbished

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Dell 1NH8H Riser Card Accessories Poweredge

1NH8H Dell 1B, 3x8, Riser For Poweredge R740/R740XD | Refurbished

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T44HM Dell PCI-E Riser Card

T44HM Riser Card for 2- 3X16 Slot Poweredge R520 | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

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HP 669740-001 Accessories Riser Card Proliant

669740-001 HP PCA Riser Card For Proliant SL250S Gen8 | Refurbished

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