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Are you planning to upgrade your data center's storage capacity and are searching for the most suitable server storage options? Which are the main server storage solutions to consider? Which specific server hardware storage accessories are available? We shall guide you so that you only make the right purchase decision.

Server Storage Solutions You Need To Consider

Your choice of server storage options is determined by your organization's size, current network infrastructure, and data center's requirements. Here are some of the key server options that you need to consider before making a purchase decision:

1. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) - Server Storage Options

If you are looking for a small but high-performance server storage option that is tolerant to possible hardware failure DAS solution is your best choice. However, for enhanced reliability, it's important that you only go to highly reliable Disk Drives and Solid-State Drives.


Superior Performance

Since the storage device is directly attached to your server or computer, data transfer and access are very fast. As such, it guarantees very high storage performance.


If your storage requirement is a simple hard drive, that's all you need to purchase. In case your server storage requirement is high, there are a variety of storage enclosures you can choose from to upgrade your storage. Since you don't need any software for managing your storage solution, it's the best low-cost solution.

Configuration & Set-up Ease

With DAS as your server storage option, setting up and configuring your devices is much easier as they come for direct connection and use.


Storage Space Expansion Challenge

It's not easy to scale-up since it's not flexible storage. That is, your storage will be limited to the number of hard drive bays that you have or external connection ports.

Data Sharing Inefficiency

Sharing of data through the network will be slowly making it less suitable for network tasks.

Data Backup Challenges

Since the storage device is directly linked to your server or host, data backup becomes a major challenge especially if you have a large networked computing environment.

2. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS is your ideal server storage option if data security and network transfer efficiency are critical.

In fact, choosing NAS devices with RAID support is the best option. With RAID capability, you can choose the right RAID level based on your desired storage and data security needs.

For instance, with RAID 0 configurations (data stripping), you can easily achieve high storage performance especially if data security is not critical.

3. Storage Area Network (SAN) - Server Storage Options

If you are managing a large enterprise, it means you need a more efficient and robust server storage option. Therefore, SAN storage arrays will fit you the best. This is because of its superior high performance and reliability.

Further, it comes with other security and data management tools for convenience and management efficiency. If this is your desired server storage plan, it's important that you choose the most suitable SAS Drives for your Raid Array.

However, this is an expensive solution that's only recommended for large enterprises with skilled personnel to manage it effectively.

4. Cloud Backup Server Storage Options

As your enterprise continues to demand high-capacity storage, investing in more physical storage devices will be costly. In this case, server cloud backup storage comes in. With this option, your organization will only pay for the storage space that matches its requirements which makes it a cost-effective solution. Further, it provides the best protection to your critical business data or information.

5.Other Hardware Server Storage Options

Depending on your current server type or storage requirement, here are some specific accessories to consider:

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