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Controller types

Computer servers have RAID controllers. RAID is a short form for Redundant Array Independent Disk that sits between the operating system and data storage devices. As the name suggests, RAID provides redundancy and improves the performance of disk storage devices. RAID controllers virtualize the storage drives into different groups that possess both data protection and redundancy features.

Why Do RAID Controllers Need Batteries?

Any RAID Controller should have a battery to avoid data loss when there is a power outage on the mainline. The batteries can be smart cache, capacitors, or lithium-ion batteries. When the main power goes out before the data write to the cache is completed, it can be lost. As a result, controllers, not necessarily RAID controllers, switch to the backup battery to complete the write sequence. You should ensure that the battery controller is in good working condition.

Controller Battery by Voltage

Different servers have different controller models. That means that the controller batteries also must have varying specifications. Apart from the physical size, the voltage rating is a crucial factor to consider. There are different battery ratings for different systems. For example, you will need 4.3V batteries for DL580 servers and 4.8V batteries for P-series controllers. Similarly, the 7.2V battery is for HP ProLiant BI460C servers. Check the voltage rating of the controller battery to ensure that it matches that which your system has. Any deviation can lead to costly disasters.

Battery Controller for Different Applications

Controller batteries are application-specific. You can only shop for a new battery after knowing the target device. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of time and resources. Dell PERC controller batteries are for PowerEdge servers, and HP controller batteries are for P-series servers. You cannot exchange the tow or any other battery controller. As a piece of advice, always consult with technical experts if not sure about the controller battery you need to buy.

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