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Regardless of how you use your notebook laptop, there will be a time to replace its battery. The lifespan of batteries is definite and depends on factors such as the charge and recharge cycles. If you want your Notebook battery to last longer, avoid frequent charge and recharge cycles. But then, that is only possible if you don't have too much workload. One way to reduce these cycles is to have a battery with a higher Ampere-hour rating. That means it will run your system for long without the need for recharging. We will see more about that later.

Does the Number of Cells in a Notebook Battery Matter?

If you hold other factors constant, the more cells a battery has, the longer run time it will have. That also you will have to pay more for it. A 9-cell battery has a more ampere-hour rating and more service life than a 4-cell or 2-cell battery. More cells also mean more weight and large size. Notably, batteries with more cells are bulkier, heavier, and costly but give you more runtime and last longer. Why do they last longer?

When a battery stays for long with electrical power, the charge and discharge cycles are reduced. That means the cells do not suffer from constant wear and tear. If you cannot afford Notebook batteries with more cells, you can go for 6-cell or 8-cell batteries. But remember, the number of cells will only affect the lifespan of the battery and uptime only if all other factors are held constant. Two batteries can have the same number of cells but different Ampere-hour ratings and lifespan if the cells are made from different materials. Your CPU core will also determine how long your laptop stays on with a single charge. Newer generation processors are more energy-efficient.

How Do You Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer?

There are ways of making your battery last longer. Even if you buy a high-quality Notebook battery today, it might not last more than a few months for bad practices. But what are these recommended routines that can improve your battery's lifespan?

First, do not over-drain the battery. Connect your charger when the battery capacity runs low but do not wait until the laptop displays the battery-low warning or shutdown. Secondly, avoid using your computer when charging is in progress. Start using it when fully charged and plug out the power code. These small things make the difference between a long-lasting battery and that with a short lifespan.

If you want to improve the runtime, then you need to dim your display. Find an optimum light that will not make you strain and shut down all programs that you are not using at that moment. By doing so, you reduce the CPU load and the power consumption by LCD backlight.

Buy Notebook Battery from a Reputable Supplier

Another way of ensuring maximum uptime and long battery life is by sourcing them from a reputable supplier. Shop for the right battery model at ALLHDD for guaranteed quality. Contact us for more information.
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