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Portable computing devices have batteries that can be considered internal to the system. These system batteries are rechargeable and can power a computer for many hours before a notification to connect your charging adapter pops on the screen. If you are using the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, then this category of products has all you need to shop for these batteries.

Why Would You Buy a New ThinkPad Battery?

Your laptop comes with a battery unit when you buy it. Of all the laptop hardware, it is the battery that has the shortest lifespan. You will be required to replace after some time of continuous use. So, the first reason to look for a ThinkPad battery is to replace the faulty one inside your computer.

Another reason for looking for a new 6-cell or 8-cell ThinkPad battery is to have a spare when you have your system in the field. If you cannot access electricity when the battery requires recharging, then you can buy an extra pair to use when the first one drains out. It is a way of ensuring that your system is continuously running, even when you are in the field.

Can you Buy a ThinkPad Battery Anywhere?

You have to be keen when shopping for laptop batteries. They are some of the expensive hardware on your computer, and you can easily fall for a fake one if you want to save on the cost. The best place to buy any new battery, no mater if it is a 3-cell a 4-cell ThinkPad battery, or any other type, is from the manufacturer or certified distributor.

Apart from buying fake batteries that will not deliver the promised power, it can damage your system if it produces more than the rated voltage for your system. That will, in turn, cost you more to repair your computer that might die forever. As our advice, always look for a reputable seller and buy the best battery for your ThinkPad laptop.

How Do You Extend the Battery Life?

The service life of a ThinkPad battery varies from one user to the other. The difference is made by how you manage your batteries. The first option is to never let your laptop battery drain to zero. Recharge it when it is at least 10 percent full to preserve cells. Also, when you have to keep your laptop for a long time, when fully charged, take the battery out of the computer.

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Lenovo 0A36279 6 Cell Battery
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0A36279 6 Cell 39+ ThinkPad Li-Ion Slice Battery for Servers | Made by Lenovo | Brand New 3 Years Warranty

Lenovo  0A36283 Cell 9 Battery Thinkpad

0A36283 Lenovo 29++ 9 Cell 11.1 V Battery For Thinkpad X220. New Bulk Pack.

Lenovo 0A36286 6 Cell Battery Thinkpad

0A36286 Lenovo 52+(6 Cell) Li-Ion Battery For Thinkpad X220 Tablet | New Factory Sealed 3 Years Lenovo Warrenty

Lenovo 0A36309  6 Cell Battery Thinkpad
Contact us for a price

0A36309 Lenovo 81+ (6 Cell) Battery For Thinkpad T420S/T420SI/T430S/T430SI | New Factory Sealed 3 Years HP Warranty

Lenovo 0A36317 6 Cell  Battery Thinkpad

0A36317 Lenovo 67+(6 Cell) Battery For Thinkpad X220 X230 Tablet | New Bulk Pack

Lenovo 0C52863 5.2 Ah Notebook Battery

0C52863 10.8V DC 5.2 Ah Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 6 Cell Battery 57+ for ThinkPad | Made by Lenovo | New Factory Sealed

Lenovo 40Y7003 8 Cell Battery
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40Y7003 Lenovo 22 8 Cell High Capacity Battery For Thinkpad Series | New Factory Sealed 3 Years Lenovo Warrenty

IBM 42T4632 8 Cell ThinkPad Battery
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42T4632 8 Cell ThinkPad X60 X61 Series High Capacity Battery for Servers | Made by IBM | New Bulk Pack

Lenovo 42T4658 8 Cell Battery Thinkpad
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42T4658 Lenovo 12++ (8 Cell) Battery For Thinkpad X200t X200 Tablet Series. New Factory Sealed 3 Years Lenovo Warrenty..

IBM 42T4662 High Capacity Battery

42T4662 8 Cell 14.4V 5.2MAh ThinkPad X60 High Capacity Battery for Servers | Made by IBM | New Bulk Pack

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