Cisco C4KX-NM-8SFP+ Ethernet Expansion Module
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Cisco C4KX-NM-8SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module New

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C4KX-NM-8SFP+ Catalyst 4500-X 8-Ports 10 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) Optical Network Uplink Expansion Module | Made by Cisco | New Factory Sealed
Product Condition:
New Retail Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days
Unveiling the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ Catalyst 8-Ports Optical Network Expansion Module

In the ever-evolving landscape of networking technology, the demand for high-performance and scalable solutions has never been more crucial. The Catalyst 4500-X series 10 Gigabit, a flagship line from Cisco, stands at the forefront of these requirements. One of its key components, the C4KX-NM-8SFP+, is a powerful expansion module designed to augment network capabilities, particularly in terms of data transfer speeds and connectivity. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the intricacies of the C4KX-NM-8SFP+, providing a detailed understanding of its features, applications, and benefits.

Understanding the Catalyst 4500-X Series SFP+ Module

Before delving into the specifics of the C4KX-NM-8SFP+, it's essential to establish a foundational understanding of the Catalyst 4500-X series. This series is renowned for its ability to deliver high performance, scalability, and flexibility in a compact form factor. Designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks, the Catalyst 4500-X series 8 Ports modules are a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of networking needs.

The Need for High-Speed Connectivity

In today's data-driven environment, the need for high-speed connectivity is paramount. With the proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications and the increasing volume of data being transferred across networks, organizations are constantly seeking solutions that can keep pace with these demands. The Catalyst 4500-X series addresses this need by offering advanced features and modules, and the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ stands out as a key player in achieving high-speed connectivity.

Overview of C4KX-NM-8SFP+

The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ is an expansion module specifically designed for the Catalyst 4500-X series. Its nomenclature provides insights into its primary features:

  • C4KX: Indicates compatibility with the Catalyst 4500-X series.
  • NM: Denotes "Network Module," highlighting its role in expanding network capabilities.
  • 8SFP+: Specifies the module's configuration with eight Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) ports, showcasing its focus on high-speed connectivity.
Key Features of C4KX-NM-8SFP+
  • 10 Gigabytes Per Second (Gbps) Speed: The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ boasts a remarkable data transfer speed of 10 Gbps per port. This high-speed connectivity is instrumental in meeting the bandwidth requirements of data-intensive applications and ensuring smooth communication within the network.
  • Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) Compatibility: The utilization of SFP+ technology enhances the module's flexibility and interoperability. SFP+ modules are hot-swappable, allowing for easy installation and replacement without disrupting network operations. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing networking infrastructure.
  • Optical Network Uplink: The module's optical network uplink capabilities enable the transmission of data over optical fibers. This is particularly advantageous for long-distance communication and scenarios where traditional copper-based connections may face limitations.
Applications and Use Cases

The versatility of the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ extends its applicability to various networking scenarios. Here are some key applications and use cases:

  • Data Center Connectivity: In data center environments, where high-speed connectivity is non-negotiable, the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ plays a pivotal role in interconnecting servers, storage devices, and other critical components. Its 10 Gbps speed ensures that data can be swiftly transferred, supporting the performance requirements of virtualized workloads and resource-intensive applications.
  • Enterprise Network Expansion: Enterprises with growing network demands can leverage the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ to expand their existing infrastructure. The module provides a cost-effective solution for enhancing network capacity and accommodating the increasing number of devices and users within the enterprise.
  • High-Performance Computing: Environments that rely on high-performance computing, such as scientific research institutions or engineering firms, benefit from the C4KX-NM-8SFP+'s ability to handle large datasets with efficiency. Its high-speed connectivity is well-suited for applications that demand rapid data processing and analysis.
  • Telecommunication Networks: Telecommunication service providers can deploy the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ to enhance the speed and reliability of their networks. The module's optical network uplink is particularly advantageous in scenarios where fiber-optic connections are preferred for long-distance communication.
Benefits of Choosing C4KX-NM-8SFP+
  • Scalability: The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ provides a scalable solution, allowing organizations to expand their network infrastructure as needed. With eight SFP+ ports, it offers flexibility in accommodating future growth without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing setup.
  • Reliability and Redundancy: Redundancy is a critical aspect of network design to ensure uninterrupted operations. The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ supports the implementation of redundant connections, minimizing the risk of downtime in case of link failures. This enhances the overall reliability of the network.
  • Ease of Management: Cisco's commitment to user-friendly design is evident in the C4KX-NM-8SFP+. The module is designed for easy installation and configuration, and its compatibility with Cisco's network management tools simplifies ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ offers a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to upgrade their network capabilities. Its 10 Gbps speed, coupled with SFP+ technology, delivers high performance without the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul.

Considerations and Compatibility

Before incorporating the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ into a network environment, it's essential to consider compatibility and potential considerations:

  • Catalyst 4500-X Series Compatibility: The C4KX-NM-8SFP+ is specifically designed for compatibility with the Catalyst 4500-X series. Before deployment, ensure that the existing network infrastructure includes compatible devices and supports the integration of this expansion module.
  • SFP+ Module Compatibility: While SFP+ modules offer interoperability advantages, it's crucial to verify compatibility with the specific modules intended for use with the C4KX-NM-8SFP+. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.
  • Network Design and Planning: Before deployment, conduct a thorough assessment of the network design and plan for the integration of the C4KX-NM-8SFP+. Consider factors such as traffic patterns, bandwidth requirements, and potential points of failure to optimize the module's placement within the network architecture.

Reliability of Expansion Module

The Cisco C4KX-NM-8SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module is designed to be a reliable component in a network. Some of the key features that contribute to its reliability include:

  • Redundancy and High Availability: The module supports Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) which allows multiple physical connections to be bundled together to form a single logical link. And the ability of multiple routers to share a virtual IP address, so that if the primary router fails, a secondary router can take over its duties. This can help to ensure that there is always a path for traffic to flow, even if one of the connections or devices fails.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) support: The module supports QoS, which allows network administrators to set priorities for different types of traffic, such as voice or video. This can help to ensure that mission-critical traffic is given priority over less important traffic, improving the reliability of time-sensitive applications.
  • Flexible NetFlow (FNF) support: The module supports FNF, which provides network administrators with detailed visibility into network traffic, enabling them to detect and troubleshoot issues quickly, thereby reducing downtime.
  • Hardware-based forwarding tables: The module uses specialized hardware for forwarding packets, which can significantly improve the performance of the router by reducing the amount of time it takes for packets to be processed, thus improving its reliability.
  • Compliant with industry standards: It adheres to the standards of IEEE and RoHS, which helps ensure that the module is of high quality and is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Support for the latest Cisco IOS software: Cisco IOS software provides the flexibility and intelligence needed to deliver superior levels of service, security, and availability.
General Information of the Cisco C4KX-NM-8SFP+ 8 Ports Expansion Module
  • Manufacturer: Cisco
  • Model Number or SKU# C4KX-NM-8SFP+
  • Product Name: Catalyst 4500-X Module
  • Product Type: Expansion Module
Technical Information for SFP+ Ethernet Expansion Module
  • Total Number of Ports: 8
  • Application/Usage: Optical Network
  • Application/Usage: Data Networking
I/O Expansions of 8 Ports Module
  • Number of Total Expansion Slots: 8
  • Expansion Slot Type: SFP+
Scalability for SFP+ Expansion Module
  • System Throughput Up to 800 Gbps
  • IPv4 Routing in Hardware Up to 250 Mpps
  • IPv6 Routing in Hardware Up to 125 Mpps
  • L2 Bridging in Hardware Up to 250 Mpps
  • Media Access Control (MAC) Entries 55K
  • Flexible Netflow Entries 128K
  • Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN), Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN) 8 line rate bidirectional sessions (ingress and egress)
  • Total VLANs 4094
  • Total Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVIs) 4094
  • IGMP groups 32K
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Snooping Entries 12K (DHCP snooping bindings)
  • ARP Entries 47K
  • Spanning Tree Protocol Instances 10K
  • Jumbo Frame Support for Bridged and Routed Packets Up to 9216 bytes
CPU and Memory
  • Onboard Memory (SRAM DDR-II): 4 GB
  • Port Buffers: 32-MB Shared Memory
  • CPU: Dual Core 1.5 GHz
  • NVRAM: 2 GB
  • Optional External Memory (SD Card): 2 GB

QoS Features

  • Port Queues: 8 Queues/Port
  • CPU Queues: 64
  • QoS Entries: 128K (64K ingress and 64K in egress) Shared with ACL
  • Aggregate Rate-Limiting: Ingress port or VLAN and egress VLAN or Layer 3 port
  • Rate-Limiting Level Types: Committed Information Rate (CIR), Peak Information Rate (PIR)
  • Aggregate Traffic Rate-Limiting Policers (1K=1024): 16K
  • Flow-Based Rate-Limiting Method; Number of Rates: Supported using flow-records in the classification criteria and policing action
  • Qos Policy Enforcement: Per Port or Per VLAN or Per Port, Per VLAN Granularity
  • Class of Service (CoS): Yes
  • Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP): Yes

Power Supply

  • AC Power Max Rating: 750W
  • System Power Consumption: 330W nominal/400W max
  • Input-Voltage Range and Frequency: AC 100 to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz/DC -72 VDC to -40 VDC
  • DC Power Max Rating: 750W
  • AC to DC failover and vice versa: Yes
  • Total Output BTU (Note: 1000 BTU/hr = 293W): 1122 BTU/hr (330 W) nominal/1365 BTU/hr (400 W) max
  • Input Current: AC 11A -110VAC, 6 A -200VAC/DC 25A Max
  • Output Ratings: 12V-62A & 3.3V- 3A
  • Output Holdup Time: AC = 16 ms; DC = 4 ms-maximum load
  • Power-Supply Input Receptacles: AC IEC 60320 C15/DC Custom detachable screw terminal (supplied)
  • Power Cord Rating: AC 15A/DC 25A

Regulatory Standards Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance: CE marking

EMI and EMC Compliance

  • 47CFR Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A
  • AS/NZS CISPR22 Class A
  • CISPR22 Class A
  • EN55022 Class A
  • ICES003 Class A
  • VCCI Class A
  • EN61000-3-2
  • EN61000-3-3
  • KN22 Class A
  • CNS13438 Class A
  • EN55024
  • CISPR24
  • EN300386
  • KN24

Safety Certifications

  • UL 60950-1 Second Edition
  • CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1 Second Edition
  • EN 60950-1 Second Edition
  • IEC 60950-1 Second Edition
  • AS/NZS 60950-1
  • Industry EMC, Safety, and Environmental Standards: GR-63-Core Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Level 3, GR-1089-Core Level 3


  • Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches
  • WS-C4500X-32SFP+
  • WS-C4500X-16SFP+
  • WS-C4500X-F-32SFP+
  • WS-C4500X-F-16SFP+

Outline, the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ emerges as a key player in Cisco's Catalyst 4500-X series, addressing the growing need for high-speed connectivity in modern networking environments. With its 10 Gbps speed, SFP+ compatibility, and optical network uplink capabilities, this expansion module caters to a diverse range of applications, from data centers to telecommunication networks. Its scalability, reliability, ease of management, and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling choice for organizations seeking to enhance their network infrastructure.

As networking requirements continue to evolve, the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ stands as a testament to Cisco's commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the demands of today's dynamic and data-centric landscape. Whether supporting high-performance computing or facilitating the expansion of enterprise networks, the C4KX-NM-8SFP+ is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of networking technology.

Product Condition:
New Retail Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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