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Configuration Cable types

When installing any server into your system, you will have to configure it using a given guideline. If it did not come with the configuration cable, then you will be forced to buy one. In some cases, the configuration cable can be misplaced or become faulty, requiring you to look for a new cable. A properly configured server is more reliable and more efficient. It will give you high performance with reduced costs of operation.

Buy a Configuration Cable for IBM's System X Server

There are many server options in the market, but IBM's brand stands out in many cases. If you have purchased this particular one, buy a configuration cable at ALLHDD to help you configure it for your organization's specific needs. With your cable ready, you can apply the following program to set up your server:

Setup Utility

This feature comes as part of the IO firmware. You can apply it to configure interrupt requests, modify the startup device sequence, set the current date and time, and create the system access security cord. It is usually the first step that you will take to configure your system X server.

Boot Manager Program

This is one of the server firmware that has more privileges than the setup utility mentioned earlier. You can override the setup sequence set earlier and reassign the devices by specifying the first one to come on. In other words, you can use the Boot manager program to alter the startup sequence.

VMware ESXi Embedded Hypervisor

This feature is available only on some server models, usually with USB hypervisor flash devices already installed. This virtualization software allows for the installation and running of multiple OS on the same system simultaneously.

Remote Presence Capability

There is a growing need for remote access to servers. You do not need to go to the server room for monitoring or to carry out routine tasks. For that to be functional, you need to have the virtual media key to activate it. But it is still possible to use the web-based user interface to access your server even when the key is missing.

For these and many other System X server configurations, buy a quality configuration cable. ALLHDD has the best cable at an affordable price. Contact us to complete your purchase, and we will deliver the package to your doorstep on time. We are also open to answer your queries.