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Cables - Display Cable

Display cables transmit video signals from the GPU or video card to your monitor for display. Without it, you can never tell if your CPU is working or not. You also need the video signal on your monitor so that you can interact with your system. But how do you know that it is time to look for an LCD cable replacement?

Signs You Need a New Display Cable

There may be many reasons that can lead to a monitor cable failure. The most common ones are physical damages that can happen during servicing or repair. When it happens, you will readily know it by observing the following signs:

Blank or Dark Screen

It is possible that your computer starts and runs as usual, but you get nothing on the screen. That is a clear indication that you need to check your LCD cable. It might be loose or damaged. Plugging another display unit into the video out port can help you in verifying which hardware failed. Please note that the black screen might also be caused by a failed LCD backlight. Do not be in a hurry to replace your cable if you are not sure if it is the real cause of the problem.

Intermittent or Blinking Screen

You might be having a bad experience with your screen in such a way that it never stops blinking. It might be working this minute and starts to dance the next minute. These are clear indications of broken cables or loose connections. A usual remedy is to get new parts to replace the faulty ones.

Garbled Display

If there is a problem with a display cable, you can have a garbled display where objects are not in their position. You can also be seeing a mix of colors on your screen. While that cannot tell the faulty hardware, it indicates a broken cable or a problem with your monitor screen. A proper diagnosis by a qualified technician should know the real cause of the problem.

Quality LCD Cable for Your Display

When looking for replacement parts, your wish is to solve the problem once and for all. But don't you know that you don't just solve the problem by sourcing your parts from anywhere? Not all replacement parts will work with your system. And even if they do, they may not last as you would expect. Due to that, you need to identify a reputable supplier for display cable and other computer hardware.

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