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Infiniband Cable types

Cables - InfiniBand Cable

In networking, data bandwidth is a key factor that every technician has to consider. In applications where the data transfer rate is everything, you need to carefully choose your networking cables. Many networking cables exist out there, but InfiniBand cable is the revolutionary one. It is currently the fastest and most reliable cable used in many data-intensive applications. But what is it?

Low-Latency and High Throughput

InfiniBand networking cables are characterized by low latency and high throughput, making them the highest performing cables in the market. The switched network topology that these cables use makes them the ideal choice for applications such as networking supercomputers and switches. In all the applications, data is transmitted in small packets of 4KB and later combined to form the required message at the receiver end.

High-Performance Networking Solution

As already mentioned, InfiniBand cables are the current best-performing networking cables on the market. But what exactly is that performance? A 4x InfiniBand cable can transfer data at the rate of 10 Gbps, this type is used in connecting servers and switches. 8x and 12x cables also exist for specialized uses, commonly found in supercomputer applications. As an IT professional or business manager, you never have to worry about speed limitations. If you are not getting the data transfer rate you would expect, then InfiniBand cables are definitely not the throttling hardware. You should check elsewhere!

InfiniBand Cables are of All lengths

Your networking project requires different lengths of cables. After finishing the design, you will know the cable length that will work for you. Fortunately, InfiniBand cables are of different sizes to meet the specific needs. Short ones are 1 meter and 2-meter-long, but the length can go up to 100 meters. The good thing is that all cables come with connectors, so there will be no clipping when you get to work. Just order for the right cable length, and everything will be a breeze.

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