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Power Cable types

There is no electrical equipment that can operate without a power cable. And choosing the right power cable can help increase the lifespan of the device and reduce downtime. When shopping for a power cable, you need to know the electrical rating and the intended application. You might also consider other factors, such as where it is to be used, internally or externally. External power cable type varying from one region to the next. So, you have to consider that as well.

Power Cable Length

The lengths of power cable also vary depending on the intended use. Different devices require different lengths of power cables based on the internal structure and the overall chassis size. The unnecessarily long cable will only cause clutter in the system and reduce the cooling efficiency. If you can do with a 2.5cm cable, go with that and not a 30cm cable.

What is the Intended Use?

You have to know the target device for your cable. There are different power cables for ProLiant, System X, Backplane, Gen8 servers, Precision T55000, and many others. Power cables are not universal. Meaning, you have to buy the right one for your device. You should not think of using an HP ProLiant server cable on a ThinkServer. They are incompatible and can even smoke your system. There are also special-purpose power cables such as SATA optical drive power cable and many others. Just ensure you get the intended use right to avoid problems associated with power cable failures.

External Power Cables

These cables connect your computer's power supply to the wall receptacle. They also vary in size and types depending on your region. Internal power cables, on the other hand, provide power from the power supply unit to the motherboard as needed by various components. Whether you are looking for an internal or external cable, you need to match it to the target device and use the appropriate cable length.

Shopping for Quality Power Cable

Shopping for power cables is a daunting process. You do not want to ruin your system with a wrong cable choice or even waste your time buying what will not work on your computer. At ALLHDD, you will find the best cable type designed for your system. Contact our technical team for any assistance when buying any computer hardware on our site. We guarantee the best customer support experience and timely response to any queries.

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