Cables - SAS To Mini-SAS

SAS To Mini-SAS types

Cables - SAS To Mini-SAS

SAS cables offer a high-speed connection of mass storage media to the system through a serial protocol. Some of the disk drives with SAS interface include solid-state drives, hard disks, optical disk drives, and tape drives. SAS, among other protocols, is now the commonly used interfacing protocol because of its performance in terms of bandwidth and data transfer speeds.

SAS Cables Overview

SAS cables have four wires: two are power lines, and the remaining two are the differential signal pair. The differential pair supports simultaneous data transfer where one acts as the transmitter and the other the receiver. You can read data from attached disk drives and write data at the same time.

SAS cables have different connector sizes, which define the port or slot the cable connects to. You can connect SAS cables to a SAS adapter, expansion drawer, external SAS port, or internal SAS disk port. One thing to note is that SAS devices do not have universal ports. Some have mini SAS ports, while others use the standard SAS port. That has led to two different SAS cables: mini SAS to SAS and SAS to mini SAS. The choice of cable depends on the intended application and the devices to be connected.

Connecting SAS Devices with mini SAS cable

Whether inserting or removing cable into a connector, always take precautions. They are designed to easily slide into the port or connector. Using force might damage the cable or the port itself. Luckily, there is a cable latch on all types of SAS cables. Always ensure that this latch is released before attempting to pull them out.

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