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Serial Cable types

Serial cables are mostly used for data transfer between two devices using a serial communication protocol. The type of connectors at the ends of these cables depends on the specific applications. Because of that, there are different types of serial cables in the market. That means you need to pay close attention to the connector type before making any purchase.

What is the Maximum Serial Cable Length?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because there are different factors you have to consider. The first one is the characteristics of your signal transmitter and receiver. Secondly, you have to consider the baud rate and electrical characteristics such as impedance and capacitance. All these factors influence the distance that the signal travels. And if unnecessarily long cables are used, the signal can be lost.

DTE to DCE Serial Cables

The DTE and DCE are acronyms for data terminal equipment and data communication equipment, respectively. The cables have a 9-25 pin connector on one end and a 25-25 pin connector on the other end. They are usually used for interfacing computers and modem cards where the computer is the DTE and the modem card the DCE.

Null-Modem Serial Cables

This involves the use of a null-modem configuration where two DTE devices are connected together. Three main types of null-modem cables exist depending on the pin connectors. You can find 9-9, 9-25, or 25-25 pin connectors. This configuration requires a null-modem adapter.

Other Serial Cable Types

Apart from the serial cables mentioned, there is also another category DCE to Smart Serial and DTE to Smart Serial cables. You can also find an ethernet to USB serial cable for specialized applications. If you need any of these cable types, then you can contact us at ALLHDD. We have up to 10 feet serial cable for your application.

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