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Splitter Cable types

Splitter cables are commonly used to divide an output signal into many other outputs, which are directed to different target devices. We usually use such cables in the audio systems. We will turn our attention to VGA Y-splitters and copper splitter cable. These cables are very useful in everyday applications. Sometimes you cannot avoid using splitter cables to achieve what you wanted to do.

What Is a VGA Y-Splitter Cable?

Many people like using more than just one display unit in their workspaces. It has been found that using multiple monitors can improve productivity, especially if you are monitoring two or more processes simultaneously. Suppose that you are in a control room where you monitor processes from one CPU. Buying a different CPU for two monitors is not a cost-effective alternative. That is where the VGA Y-splitter cable comes in.

This splitter cable takes an output video signal from your computer's graphics card and split it into two for the two display units. It is a Y-cable splitter because of its Y-shape. A VGA splitter cable comes with many benefits but also has downsides. The video output resolution is limited to 1920 x 1200, which might not be the resolution you would wish for if you need photorealistic images.

Copper Cable Splitter

Copper splitter cables are used for short-range connections in a data center. They offer the most cost-effective way of linking one rack with the adjacent racks. These cables are mainly associated with Cisco switches. It consists of one QSFP connector on one end and breaks into four similar connectors at the other end. The end with just one connector is connected to a 40G QSFP port in one Cisco switch and the other four terminals to 10G SFP ports of other Cisco switches.

Cisco cable splitter reduces the overall cost of installing IT equipment in a data center. It also enhances cable management, thereby reducing cable tangling and crisscrossing.

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