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A network daughter card is a great enhancement for your computer system, and here at ALLHDD, we work hard to not only provide you with the best product choices for your next upgrade but also provide you with credible information to help you pick out the best daughter cards for your devices.

We will tell you what a daughter card is, why you may need to add one to your motherboard, and which one among our list of daughter cards is the best fit for your unique needs.

What is a Network daughter card and why do you need one?

A daughter card (otherwise known as a controller card) is a variation of circuit boards. It gets added to the motherboard on a device to improve the device's functionality. As its name suggests, a daughter card is an addition to the device's primary circuit board (also called the "mother" board), and a good example of this are the Dell network daughter cards.

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Why are daughter cards so important?

  1. Functionality: For each hardware component in your computer to function as designed, it needs a controller. Daughter cards connect and control all the other components of your computer. These include:
  • Hard drives
  • Disc drives
  • Input devices
  1. Device enhancement: You may need to add a separate controller (or daughter card) for certain add-on features to function properly.
  2. Connectivity: Daughter cards connect to the device's primary circuit board using the peripheral component connect (PCI) slot.

Some frequently asked questions about daughter cards

  • Is it possible for my computer to function properly without a daughter card?

Indeed it is. These days, there are several computers which do not have a daughter card added to them at the time of purchase. Additionally, with the advent of ISA and PCI cards, daughter cards have now been faced with some stiff competition. Nevertheless, some devices still have a daughter card pre-installed in them.

  • Where does a daughter card derive its unique name?

A daughter card is called so because of the unique relationship it shares with the motherboard. It connects directly to the motherboard by soldering.

  • Can I switch a no longer functional non-RAID SAS controller daughter card for a PERC RAID SAS controller card?

Yes. But since your data will be unrecognizable to the new card, you will have to effect a manual backup and restore.

  • What functions do daughter cards provide to the circuit?

Daughter cards offer no new function to the circuit, rather, they extend the collective system of circuits to which they are plugged in.

  • Is a daughter card the same thing as a mezzanine card?

Yes and no, Yes because a mezzanine card is a type of daughter card and no because although both terms are similar, they can't be used to refer to exactly the same thing.

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