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Looking for where to get a mezzanine card or "daughterboard"? Look no further, we offer a variety of Mezzanine cards that will meet your needs. With our mezzanine card solutions, you can extend your system's functionality by providing means of connecting other peripheral devices.

A mezzanine card is a miniature Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) card or a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card. It is a Printed circuit board and engineered to the IEEE P1386.1 standard. IP Card (Industry Pack card) is a typical and most popular form of a mezzanine card; it provides a 16-bit data path with a 3.9 x 1.8 inches, it is adapted to fit into an IP-to-PCI adapter card via its 50-pin connectors. Another type of the mezzanine card is the PCI Mezzanine (PMC) card, unlike the IP card, it provides a 32, or 64-bit data path and has 64-pin connectors. The IP card and the PCI card are widely used with VME expansion bus. VME expansion technology supports up to 21 cards on a single backplane and has found great industrial, military, and telecommunications applications. Our wide range of top-quality IEEE standard mezzanine cards guarantees high-speed functionality across various systems. You can choose from a collection of cards including Expansion Card, 2 Port, 1 Port, 4 Port, PCI-E, Poweredge here on

The mezzanine adapter allows companies to develop products that are compatible with the well-established PCI bus. However, they flaunt a smaller and more sturdy unit than the standard PCI plug-in cards.

Mezzanine card options

The mezzanine card comes in various options categorized as type A mezzanine cards, and server blade, the type B mezzanine cards determine where the mezzanine gets installed. You can install Type-A mezzanine cards on mezzanine 1, 2, and 3 connectors. Type A mezzanine cards are suited for expansion slot 1- 8x PCI express 3.0 Type-A. The expansion slot is compatible with the dual port mezzanine cards, the first port of the mezzanine card is for interconnecting module 3, and the other is for bay 4 (mezzanine slot 1 case).

Expansion slots 2, and 3 – X16 PCI-E 3.0 Type B supports both type A and type B mezzanine cards. These expansion slots support the 2 ports mezzanine card and the 4 port mezzanine cards, for the 2 port cards, the first port is routed to the interconnect module bay 5, while the second is routed for bay 6. For the 4 ports cards, you can route the first port to interconnect module bay 5, the second to bay 6, the third to bay 7, and the last to bay 8. Optional expansion card enables network connectivity or provides fibre channel support.

OCP Mezzanine card 2.0

OCP mezzanine card for Intel v2.0 motherboard has been developed to serve mainly the 1 port and 2 ports 10G Ethernet card. Significant modifications have been made to form factor to accommodate the new uses cases. offers quality mezzanine cards with registered trademarks, and you will enjoy free ground shipping on all orders placed within the United States. There is a professional customer help desk to attend to all issues at all times.

HPE P07991-B21 Controller Mezzanine Board

P07991-B21 HPE Dl5x0 Gen10 CPU Version 2 Mezzanine Board Kit. New Factory Sealed 3 Years HPE Warranty.

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Dell XDTDX Controller Mezzanine Card Poweredge

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