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SAS controllers facilitate the use of SATA drives to increase the storage capacity with extreme ease. You can get the best SAS SATA controllers here on Our SAS SATA controllers are some of the best you can find around at the best prices.

SATA is the acronym for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment while the SCSI, nicknamed Scuzzy, is short for Serial Attached Small Computer System Interface.

SATA and SAS connectors help link up your computer components, including media and hard drives to the system's motherboard. SATA drives are more affordable and used for personal computing while fast and reliable SAS drives are the best fit for servers.

On the other hand, SAS controllers work flawlessly on SATA hard drives because both share identical infrastructure and possess related characteristics.

If you'd prefer speed over space, then a SAS-based hard drive is your best bet. However, SATA drives on the other hand, while lagging in terms of speed have a much larger storage capacity.

Data Transfer Speed

Throughput is the volume of data that a drive can move, process, or read and write in a specific amount of time. The drive's throughput is usually tested to measure its speed.

The Input/output operations per second (IOPS) may also be measured. However, the IOPS and throughput outcomes usually imply the same things about the drive.

While the SAS drives boast higher throughput than SATA drives; there are fewer general delays. But there is some overlap between the more high-speed SATA drives and slower SAS drives. On, you can shop some of the best SAS SATA controllers from well-known brands across the world.

While a handful of factors affect the drive's performance, the major factor affecting throughput is the revolution per minute (rpm). Consequently, the higher the rpm, the higher the drive's throughput.

The speed variation is most notable when dealing with large files. A SAS drive boasting 15000 rpm will most likely read and write a 1TB file faster than a SATA drive with 7200 rpm.

Most SATA-based drives' usual speed ranges from 5400 rpm to 7200 rpm, and most SAS-based drives run between 7200 rpm and 15000 rpm.

SAS-SATA Controllers on

While you can count on both quality and affordability, we also bring you a wide range of SAS SATA controllers to cater to your storage needs. SAS and SATA's notable difference is that SAS is developed to endure 24/7 performance in firms, including data centers. Choose from our collection of top-quality SAS SATA controllers including 24 Port, PERC H830, Expander Card, PERC H330, PERC H730, PERC 5, Host Bus Adapter, Equallogic, PERC H710, 4 Port, 1-Port, 8 Port, PERC H700, PERC H800, Smart Array, Serveraid, PERC H740, Raid Controller, PCI-E, 12 Port, Controller Card, and16 Port.

You can use a SATA drive for servers just as you would use a SAS drive. However, the SATA drive would deliver a slower performance and a higher probability of failing or hinting at a failure. This laxity could prove expensive to firms that depend on such drives.

A SAS drive has a mean time between failures (MTBF) that ranges from (1.2-1.6 million) hours of use at 113°F (45°C), while that of a SATA drive is about (700,000-1.2 million) hours of use at 77°F (25°C).

SATA disk drives offer many benefits, including the fact that they boast an unbeatable combination of low cost, high capacity, and performance. Taking advantage of this with SAS SATA controllers could bring a significant return on investment. You can count on a 24/7 customer care center for all issues regarding sales and delivery. delivers all items free of charge within the 48 U. S. states. Please choose from our collection of top-quality SAS SATA controllers today for optimum performance.

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