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Are you looking to increase your system's functionality? The expansion module is your best bet to achieving this goal. Here on, we offer you some of the best PC expansion cards/expansion modules at the best prices. Kindly go through these categories, including Storage Controller, PCI-E, 10GB, and Controller Cards, to select the expansion cards that meet your needs.

What is An Expansion Module?

An expansion module, which is otherwise called an expansion card, or accessory card, is an integrated circuit board inserted into the expansion slot on a computer system's motherboard. It is also inserted into the backplane or riser cards to add extra features to a computer system through the expansion bus.

Why Do You Need an Expansion Module?

Your PC is highly modular by design, and expansion modules significantly increase the system's functionality or capabilities. PC expansion cards will broaden the capability of a system by adding extra resources.

Suppose some functionalities didn't come with your computer system out of the box, an expansion module can increase functionality by adding abilities that were not in the original system. The intuitive users will appreciate an even better functionality despite their PCs having it already.

For example, you may want to improve your video graphics by installing a video card even if your processor or motherboard came with integrated graphics.

While these cards are sometimes expensive, you stand to enjoy affordable prices on expansion cards from the best brands on the market.

Types of Expansion Module

Sound Cards

If you are an ardent gamer or watch a lot of TV or videos on your PC, then you'll need a sound card. In addition to better sounds, you'd need a dedicated sound card to shed CPU usage, although some dedicated graphics cards can help manage some of the processor's audio load. The sound card redirects the workload from your GPC or CPU, and as a result, you enjoy enhanced frame-rates while gaming.

Video Cards

Video cards or graphics cards tend to be a very wise investment over time. The Graphics Card has the job of delivering an image to your monitor. While modern PCs boast some high-res display, you can even make it better with a high-quality video card. Given that your PC has a free compatible expansion interface, you can install an independent video card if your PC didn't come with any.

Storage Cards

There are many storage solutions available on through the use of expansion cards. Suppose you wanted to integrate a SCSI tape array into your system. In that case, you can add an expansion card to connect to SCSI "Scuzzy" devices. In stock, we have expansion modules that are fully-fledged solid-state drives. Other notable expansion modules include the TV tuner cards that enable a PC to make a cable television connection, wireless/cellular cards, riser cards, video capture cards, and modem cards.

Enjoy affordability, warranty, free ground shipping across 48 U.S. states, and a commendable customer help center when you shop quality expansion modules on

IBM 00AR004 Storwize Controller

00AR004 Storewize V3700 Controller Node Canister Controller Ethernet (RJ-45), Optical Fiber Channel, SAS, Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP)Expansion more

Dell 23PX6 Controller Expansion Module PCI-E

23PX6 Boss Boot Controller 2x M.2 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIE) Full Height (FH) Card Only | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell 2W27W Poweredge Controller Card

2W27W Boss X16 M.2 Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Controller for Emc Poweredge C6420 | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell 403-BBOB Controllers Expansion Module 10GB
Contact us for a price

403-BBOB Uplink Expansion Module 10 Gigabyte (GB) Ethernet X 2 for Networking N3024 N3024F N3024P N3048 N3048P | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell 403-BBPS PCI-E Expansion Module Controller

403-BBPS Boss Controller Card with Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) Expansion Module 2x M.2 Sticks Full-height 240g | Made by Dell | more

Dell 403-BBRC Expantion Module PCI-E Controller

403-BBRC Boot Optimized Server Storage Blade Expantion Module Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) Low Profile Modular Card for EMC more

Dell 55FCW Controller Expansion Module Controller Card

55FCW Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) Boss Controller Card 2xM.2 Slots Low Profile | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell 61F54 PCI-E Controller Card

61F54 Boss Controller Card Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) 2x M.2 Slots RAID for PowerEdge 14G | Made by Dell | New Bulk Pack

Dell 7XXX4 Controller Expansion Module Storage Controller

7XXX4 Dell FD33XD Expandable Raid Controller For Poweredge FD332 Storage Block | New Bulk Pack

Lenovo 7Y37A01093 Expansion Module Controller

7Y37A01093 Think system M.2 Mirroring Enablement Kit Contains The Dual M.2 Adapter, Supports 1 Or 2 Drives with Raid | Made by Lenovo | | Brand New 3 more

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