Enclosure types

A server enclosure comprises racks that are fitted with side panels and front and rear doors. That is the distinct difference between enclosures and server racks. Racks are simply a framework on which network equipment is mounted.

A rack enclosure provides increased security for your server equipment since they have keyed entry that will help keep out unauthorized personnel from gaining access and tampering.

We have a wide range of enclosures that are constructed using heavy-duty, cold-rolled steel that can withstand impact and damage. You can choose the thermal enclosures for heat sensitive and other critical equipment.

There are a number of variables that you must consider when investing in server rack cabinets. Keep in mind that servers need change over time and you must plan adequately for the future.

U Space or Rack Units: You must know how much space your equipment requires to ensure that everything fits properly. We have racks with U heights that range from 1U to 90U for all different settings such as data center, home, or office. Buying a rack cabinet with too much open space means that you have to purchase blanking panels to contain airflow.

Mounting: You can choose from different mounting options. Floor mounting enclosures are highly recommended due to the greater loading capacities and high level of efficiency in the installation of servers and other network equipment. The floor enclosures will handle all types and weights of equipment as long as it fits the space specifications.

Another mounting option is the wall mounting one, it is effective in isolating specific groups of related network equipment making access easier and convenient. The wall enclosures are effective in space management since auxiliary equipment and accessories can be managed to avoid using up too much floor space or capacity in your floor enclosure.

Rack Mounting: We can help you identify server enclosure models that specifically meet your network equipment setups and any other use. There are rack-mountable server brackets that offer different types of rack mounting solutions. You can achieve U space that specifically fits your products and accessories.

Server Rack Depth: Depth is an equally important consideration. Ensure that you have the dimensions of your equipment and what you plan to get in the future. We have server enclosures that range from 0 to 50 inches and that are compatible with different rails and shelves used for storage expansion.

Weight Capacity: All the server cabinets have load capacity ratings which can help you match them to the total weight of your server and associated equipment. It is recommended that you purchase a rack cabinet that has a higher load capacity to accommodate future needs as you grow your business.

Open Frames Options: The 4-post and 2-post racks are the open frames available at our stores. These open frame options do not have side panels which means that all sides of the rack are open to the immediate environment. The open frame options are cost-effective, allow easy access for server room maintenance, allow unobstructed airflow, and permit easy management of power cords and network cables. However, they are only suited for secured areas where people cannot walk in without authorized access.

Browse through the enclosures category to find enclosures and storage equipment that meets your application and needs. We have all types of accessories, computer cases & accessories, enterprise array systems, server chassis, storage bay adapters, bezels, storage blade, storage controller, storage drive cages, drive sled-caddy-tray, storage works smart array, store easy systems, rack-mountable solutions, and other equipment. Talk to our highly experienced staff and you will get the best pieces of advice to help in setting up your enclosures and other storage needs.

Storage Expansion, System Storage

All our server racks are compatible with leading OEM servers and equipment including HPE, Dell, and IBM. Always remember that not every server bracket is built equal, we have different sizes, brands, and specifications of cabinets to ensure that they fit your application and environment. We are the one-stop-shop for all your business needs and we'll help you find the best rack enclosure for your application or setup.

IBM 1726-HC4 6 X 1TB SATA Drives Enclosure Storage System

1726-HC4 IBM DS3400 6TB SAN 6X1TB SATA Drives Supported Dual Fiber 4GB Controllers Array. Refurbished.

IBM 172701 SAS Enclosure Storage Drive Cage

172701X EXP3000 Network Storage Enclosure Internal Hot Pluggable Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 3.6 TB (Terabytes) Hard Drive Enclosure | Made by IBM |...read more

IBM 1746A2D Bay 12 Enclosure System Storage

1746A2D DS3512 DAS Hard Drive Array RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) Supported Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 12 Total Bays Network 2U Rack-mountable...read more

IBM 1746A2E BAY 12 Enclosure Storage Expansion SCSI

1746A2E IBM 12 Bay System Storage Exp3512 Storage Expansion Unit Model E2a Storage Enclosure. Refurbished.

IBM 1746A2S HDD 12 BAY Enclosure System Storage SAS

1746A2S IBM 12 BAY System Storage DS3512 Model C2A Hard Drive Array. New.

IBM 1746A4D HDD Storage Ds3524 Enclosure System Storage SAS

1746A4D IBM System Storage Ds3524 Model Dual Controller Hard Drive Array. Refurbished.

IBM 1746A4E SCSI Enclosure Storage Expansion

1746A4E IBM 24 Bay System Storage Exp3524 Storage Expansion Unit Model E4a Storage Enclosure | New Bulk Pack

IBM 1746T4D Dual Controller Enclosure Storage System 2U

1746T4D IBM System Storage Ds3524 Expr Ess DC Dual Controller Storage System. New Factory Sealed.

IBM 174724X 2U Enclosure Storage Expansion

174724X IBM System Storage Exp2524 Express Storage Enclosure. Refurbished.

HP 190211-B31 StorageWorks Enclosure
Contact us for a price

190211-B31 Storage Works Dual Bus Hard Drive Array Storage 14 X 3.5inch 1/3H Hot Swapablepable Enclosure | Made by HP | Refurbished

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