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Custom Server Bezel

Suppose you want to go all out and make your servers and data center stand out from the crowd; in that case, a custom server bezel is your best bet to make that difference. Allhdd.com offers custom server bezel solutions to many Dell and OEM server models. Our bezels are designed from high-quality steel using Dell end caps and locks. Also, all the bezels are developed to pass the Dell airflow testing. The Miscellaneous category on allhdd.com has various IT equipment, including server bezels to meet all your tweaking needs.

What is a Server Bezel?

While a bezel has a handful of definitions in the technology world, in data centers, a server bezel is the outside covering or faceplate placed in front of a server. OEM Server customization brings about a competitive advantage and enhances the company's corporate image. You can enjoy the benefits of all the technical qualities of the server. However, by installing a personalized OEM bezel, you can massively boost your brand awareness.

Benefits of a Custom Server Bezel

Here are a few benefits of having a custom server bezel in your datacenter.


The bezel offers an extra layer of security by securing the front of the server. While some can also cover up buttons, a bezel can also prevent the removal of drives from the server. In some cases, bezels come with LCD screens that enable users to inspect and modify network settings. They also display system-level error messages without accessing the system control panel.

Rebranding Purposes and Recognition

Suppose your company's servers are stored in a shared location; you must have a custom server bezel to help stand out. A custom bezel differentiates your company's servers from others who use the same common OEM bezel. In a shared data center, a custom bezel brings your brand to a good number of audiences; thus, improving your brand identity.

Checklist to rebranding using a custom bezel

Here are a few points to consider to stay on track to start rebranding using a custom server bezel.

Work with the Marketing Team Form the Start

The marketing team are the best people to call when it comes to brand identity and logo dos and don'ts. Thus, taking them along with the whole rebranding process can make an entire world of difference in achieving desired results.

Customization Must Tell the Company's Story

While a handful of designs may inspire you, the designs must speak about the company as it acts as an extension of the organization. You'd want to pick a color or theme that goes in line with your company's original logo.

Estimate the cost

Estimate the project's cost and identify what choices are perfect for your brand but drive up the bezel cost, then decide with your team if the project is worth the investment.

You can count on allhdd.com for customized server solutions at affordable fees and great customer support. Get to enjoy the benefits of having a personalized server bezel without breaking the bank by calling on us today.