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Hard Drive Enclosure

Are you searching for a high-quality hard drive enclosure to upgrade your current server storage system?

We shall guide you in making the best and right selection based on your business, or data center requirements.

Choosing a Suitable Hard Drive Enclosure

Before deciding on which storage enclosure to purchase, consider the following:

1. Storage Enclosure USB Connection Type

When you plan on using a USB cable for external data transfer, you can choose a storage enclosure with either USB 2 or USB 3 USB ports. You will encounter no challenges since both can use the same cable type.

However, for high-speed data transfer from SATA 3 or SATA 2 drives, a storage enclosure with USB 3 or USB 3.1 port provisions will work well with your SATA drives.

A combination of USB 3 and FireWire interfaces will greatly enhance your high-speed data transfer.

2. Hard Drive Interface To Match Hard Drive Enclosure

Before making any purchase, ensure that your storage enclosure is compatible with your storage device interface.

If, for instance, you plan on using a 2.5 SATA Hard Drive, only consider buying a SATA 2.5 hard disk storage enclosure.

Likewise, if you plan on using a 3.5" SATA drive, go for a SATA 3.5" enclosure that comes with an inbuilt AC power supply unit.

3. Hard Drive Enclosure Material

Since your storage enclosure material determines the level of your physical data protection, you must focus on the material that fits your requirements.

The 3 main storage enclosure materials are:

  1. Metallic Storage Enclosure
  2. Polycarbonate Enclosures
  3. Plastic Server Enclosures

For maximum hard drive protection and efficiency in heat dissipation, invest in an alloy-based metallic storage enclosure. It will serve you better and longer.

Polycarbonate storage enclosures, also known as Personal Computer (PC) casings are suitable for general use and offer a good level of data protection.

Where physical data security or data protection is not your main concern, a plastic storage enclosure with an aesthetic feel will be a suitable choice.

4. External Hard Drive Portability

How about if you are looking for a convenient external portable backup hard drive with high-speed data transfer capability?

Well, in that case, purchasing an external tool-free 2.5" SSD HDD enclosure with USB 3.0 port provision is a great option.

5. Network Storage Needs. Network Data Storage

When your data storage has increased and there is a need for data sharing, a robust Network-Attached Storage (NAS) with RAID enclosure is a good investment.

However, your selected NAS should have enough drive bays to satisfy your storage appetite!

We also have Other Enclosures that are highly recommended due to their high storage-capacity and superior performance efficiency.

They come with inbuilt cooling units. One such is the high-performance 86774TU IBM Blade Center E-8677

6. Cost Vs Budget

It's important that you focus on purchasing only storage enclosures that suit your budget and storage requirements.

At ALLHDD, you'll get a guaranteed high-quality hard drive enclosure without having to break the bank.

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220S Dell Powervault

220S Dell Powervault Raid Storage Array. Refurbished.

HP 437502-B21 Rack-mountable Power Supply Enclosure

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HP 616061-001 StorageWorks 12 Bay Enclosures

616061-001 HP P4500 G2 Cto Server Chassis Barebones. Refurbished.

HP 616061-002 StorageWorks Enclosures 600GB 12 Drive

616061-002 HP P4500 G2 600GB 12 Drive Storage. Refurbished.

HP 684961-001 8-BAY Small Form Factor With Cage For DL360E GEN8 Enclosure

684961-001 HP 8-BAY Small Form Factor With Cage For DL360E GEN8. Refurbished.

HP C8S55A SAS Enclosure

C8S55A Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) 2040 Small Form Factor (SFF) 24-Bays 2.5-inch Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Dual Controller 2U Rack-Mountable Storage Array...read more

Dell SC220 Compellent Expansion Enclosures

SC220 Compellent Expansion Enclosures | Made By Dell | Refurbished

Juniper EX9204-CHAS-S Chassis
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EX9204-CHAS-S IMPVT00FRA EX9204 4 Slots Chassis with Passive Midplane | Refurbished | Made by Juniper | Refurbished

HPE 739722-001 Storage Works Chassis

739722-001 D3600 Storage Enclosure Large Form Factor (LFF) 12 Bay Chassis | Made by HPE | Refurbished

Dell MD1120 Powervault

MD1120 Powervault 2.5-Inch Small Form Factor (SFF) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Storage Array Hot-Pluggable Hard Disk Drives | Made by Dell | Refurbished