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Server enclosure cases are crucial to keeping the components, wires well-tucked in and having a tidy data center environment. In addition to this, there is an added security to your servers with enclosure cases than those without casings.

There are tons of options available on the market and many things to consider; thus, finding the right cases and accessories could be a daunting task.

If you're looking to buy new server and IT equipment, you may also be looking for the right enclosure cases to complete the list. You are in the right spot if you fancy sturdy server enclosure cases at affordable prices.

We have the Proliant category featuring a variety of enclosure cases you can buy for your servers.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Server Enclosure Cases

There are a handful of factors to consider when investing in enclosure boxes. Remember, these cases are way different from racks. While racks offer better ventilation, the former boasts a great deal of security and organization. Your choice between these two is inclined to your chosen form of housing. It all boils down to the environment's ventilation, space management, and network security. All these factors can alter the network's uptime and its expansion capabilities in the future.

  • Cooling System

For your investment's longevity, including the server performance, one of the data center's vital features must be a properly maintained ventilation system. Given you have opted for enclosure boxes, it implies you prefer to keep the servers and their components concealed. Consequently, a handful of thermal-management measures must be in place. Vented panels, rackmount fans, and ventilation units will do well in keeping the servers well-ventilated.

  • Security and Future Expansion Plan

The information stored in your data center ought to be safe and away from the reach of unauthorized persons. This, however, is what you don't get when you use an open rack system. The server enclosure cases should come with features that ensure security and accommodate planned equipment expansion and transportation in the future. For safety, check for locks, which come in many options, including built-in and combination locks.

You'd want to be sure the rack and the facility floor can effectively withstand the cases' weight and the servers.

  • Customization

Enclosure boxes with customization features give you the edge when your preferred form of housing calls for some tweaking. You can have the manufacturer install vents, cable management, rails, and fans precisely how and where you choose, and that's strictly dependent on the brand you purchase.

  • Dimensions

All IT equipment, including servers, have distinct dimensions. Before you purchase your enclosure, you'd want to determine the dimensions required for these components. Typically, the standard server rack has an external width of 24 inches and a height of 40U, having a depth of 36inches. Other components that can take up valuable real estate include Battery Backup for the UPS, power strips, power, and environmental monitoring.

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