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Rack Cabinet types

Server Rack Cabinet

Unlike open racks, the rack cabinet is closed on all sides, giving your IT accessories maximum security. You need to understand their dimensions before actually buying one. But that is not a challenge if you are already familiar with a rack unit.

Dimension of Rack Cabinets (also known as Rack Enclosures)

Rack enclosures serve the same purpose in data centers as open racks. To understand a rack cabinet, it is better to first understand what a rack unit is all about. A rack unit, designated with a capital letter "U," is the smallest storage space in a data center. The U is equivalent to a 1.75 inches high of a storage space, but most racks are labeled with multiple Us such as 2U, 3U, 4U, etc.

Cabinets are designated with higher values before you. Most likely, you will mostly see a 20U or 24U, but a full-size rack cabinet is 42U. The size of enclosures that you buy depends on the IT equipment you already have or the ones you will buy.

Rack Cabinets Enhance Data Security

42U cabinets have lockable doors and sealed sides. This configuration prevents any forced access to IT equipment and data storage devices they house. Security is necessary to keep the credibility of the data and comply with industry standards and government regulations.

Enhanced Server Performance and Maintenance

Server racks enclosures are designed with air spaces for air to flow in and out as required by the electronic components. That maintains the optimal operating temperature needed by every IT equipment, storage devices, and networking accessories within the server rack cabinet. Cross-compatibility is also a property that makes it easy to keep IT hardware from major vendors such as Hp, Dell, IBM, Sun, etc.

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