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Are you setting up a server or a data center and considering a rack mount server enclosure? If that sounds like you, then you are at the right spot. Allhdd.com offers a wide range of rack mountable solutions with flawless performance at the best prices. Your servers remain some of the most significant and most crucial components of a network system. Given the variety of mounting options out there on the market, buying quality enclosures from trusted brands could turn out to be quite a hassle. However, we have a collection of top-quality rack cabinets with registered trademarks to meet all your needs. You can quickly browse through these categories, including 2U, 10U, 4U, Blade Center, 6U, and SAS, to buy one for your next project.

What is a Rack Mountable Server Enclosure?

Just as the name implies, a rack-mounted server enclosure is any server casing explicitly built to allow the server to be mounted in a server rack. Large companies commonly use rack mounting to hold their networking equipment, including switches, servers, routers, or other devices. Typically, this type of server is housed in a metal framework called an equipment rack. The frame comes with multiple "bays," each created by design to hold each server. You can mount the server or insert it into a bay in the rack and fasten it with screws. The rack server is the direct opposite of a blade server. You'd want to count on the best platform to secure your servers as they happen to be the most critical components of most IT infrastructures. The racks do well to protect your technology investment and support your servers' proper performance and optimization.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Server Rack

Shopping for server racks calls for some considerations to ensure a good return on your investments. The following are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The Number of Needed Racks

You'd want to first, consider the number of rack units that meet your needs. Typically, a rack unit measures 1.75 inches or 44.45 mm in height. 1U rack implies one unit rack where "U" represents "unit."

  • Ventilation

It is common knowledge that servers emit loads of heat as they work, they must be kept in a well-ventilated environment. The Servers work better in a clean and cool environment where heat is effectively discharged and the servers remain cool.

  • Power Distribution Unit

Buying your server rack is as crucial as choosing the right Power Distribution Unit (PDU) system. Doing this right makes it efficient to manage power to servers and IT equipment within a rack and getting the best from your server and the environment.

  • Data Center Security

There must be tight security to help protect important data and hardware assets—that's the primary purpose of a server room. For this reason, server racks must have enclosures then combination locks come next. Door sensors and electronic access control will make things more difficult for unauthorized persons.

Buy a quality rack mount enclosure on allhdd.com today and enjoy huge return on investments and unbeatable performance.
HP 696909-B21 Power Supplies 6 Fans Enclosure Rack Mountable 6U

696909-B21 HP BLC3000 Platinum Enclosure With 4 AC Power Supplies 6 Fans Rohs Trial IC LIC. Refurbished.

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HP 763850-B21 Rack-mountable 10U Enclosure

HP 763850-B21 Rack-mountable 10U Enclosure | Refurbished

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HP 412133-B21 Rack Cabinet Enclosure

412133-B21 C7000 Three-Phase Rack Cabinet Enclosure | Made by HP | Refurbished

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HP QK770A 5x2TB HDD SAS 7.2K RPM 6GBS 2PORT Enclosure Rack Mountable SAS

QK770A HP D2700 10 TB 5x2TB HDD SAS 7.2K RPM 6GBS 2PORT MDL Hot Swap Hard Drive. Refurbished.

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HP QK772A 10x900GB 6G SAS 10k Enclosure Rack Mountable

QK772A HP D2700 W/9TB 10x900GB 6G SAS 10k SFF 2 Port HDD Bundle. Refurbished.

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HP C8R10A Enclosure Rack Mountable SAS

C8R10A HP Drive Enclosure Rack Mountable MSA 2040 SFF Chassis. Refurbished.

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HP C8R12A SAS Enclosure Rack Mountable

C8R12A HP Modular Smart Array 2040 Lff Chassis Storage Enclosure. Refurbished.

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HP 507017-B21 3 Phase 6 Power Supply 10 Fan Enclosure Rack Mountable Blade Center

507017-B21 HP 3 Phase 6 Power Supply 10 Fan Full Ice BLC7000 Enclosure. Refurbished.

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