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Ranging from the 1U to 10U rackmount server chassis, allhdd.com provides industry-leading solutions and satisfies various set-up needs. Our server chassis series are affordable, original, and feature enhanced storage and high-efficiency power supply that is valuable to Industrial servers. Depending on your needs, you can buy from the categories, including 4U, Rack Mount, and ProLiant. Several 4U server chassis with hot-swap on allhdd.com currently support 12Gbps SAS drives and are backward compatible with 3Gbps and 6Gbps HDD and SSD's. We offer the best products without service interruptions and overheating. You can count fast performance from our chassis as they meet your needs and suit your environment.

What Is a Server Chassis?

A server chassis has a handful of names on the market. It is also called a server casing or server case. This component is a metal structure that provides the needed real estate or is used to physically assemble servers in multiple form factors. It makes it possible to place various servers and other storage and peripheral components in a single compartment. This casing is essentially designed to reduce the amount of physical space occupied by a standard server.

It is commonly found in environments where various parallel servers are required to work on a project. Generally, they are not engineered to be connected to a display device. However, for application/OS installation and maintenance, a server chassis can be connected to a laptop/monitor.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Server Chassis

  • Power

Depending on the number of components you have, you'd want to consider power, as the casing will require electricity when you have many network adapters, CPUs, PCIe cards, hard disks, etc. While a U server rack unit will come with 350- or 400-watt to 600-watt power supplies, full-tower servers usually require 300- to 800-watt power supplies.

  • Size

Size is crucial when buying a server casing as servers are not one-size-fits-all products. You have to decide between mounting the server in an existing rack or if it will be free-standing. Examine your environments and requirements then you can pick up the correct chassis size.

  • Speed

The server rack doesn't have a direct impact on the system's performance. However, if it doesn't support various network adapters, an ample number of CPUs, or a sufficient memory configuration, you can expect an under-par performance from the server.

Some other factors to consider include ventilation, easy assembly, OS compatibility, and redundancy.

Benefits of a Server Chassis

If you run a data center, you stand to enjoy huge benefits when you buy server chassis from allhdd.com. Some of these include:

  • Security

Our server racks are made of strong metals, including lock features to prevent entry from unauthorized persons.

  • Organization

You stand to enjoy the best use of space as these racks can hold multiple components in a single location.

  • Wire Management and Ventilation

While the racks offer ample ventilation for flawless performance, it also accommodates all the wires to keep the environment tidy.

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