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Keeping up with the growing need for reliable file storage space for your business or organization data was a big challenge, but not anymore. Rack Mountable enclosures now offer a cost-effective data storage option for every business. You can reduce the cost by choosing the HPE enclosure series and without sacrificing performance and flexibility.

Disk Enclosures Offer Data Protection and a High Level of Storage Density

Depending on the type of enclosure you choose, you can create the storage capacity of your need. For example, the SFF gen10 D3710 enclosures can support 12 or more 12G SFF SAS drives. You can have more disk drives housed there, but the number is limited to what a controller can support. Each controller can support up to 25 solid-state drives, meaning you can have a double or even a triple number if your enclosure has more controllers.

Disk enclosures also support cascading. The number of them that you can connect behind a single SAS port will depend on the type of smart array controller used. But many of them can support cascading of up to 8 enclosures.

Storage enclosures like HPE StoreEasy are designed to protect your data. It comes with standby fans and power supplies to ensure that the stored data is always accessible. Storage enclosures also support different RAID levels, including RAID6 with Advanced Data Guarding (ADG), 50, and 60, but that depends on the smart array controller in that particular enclosure.

You can easily manage your file storage since the disk enclosures support the famous Array Configuration Utility (ACU) and other techniques. They also allow for online capacity expansions and migration.

HPE Store Easy Enclosures Reduce Downtime and Data Loss

These disk enclosures simultaneously place two sets of parity data across all drives, thereby supporting multiple write operations. It can withstand two drive failures, making it more reliable and reduces data loss.

Why Buy Disk Enclosures from ALLHDD?

ALLHDD is a certified company that sources computer hardware from reputable manufacturers. All the disk enclosures and other products from us pass strict quality checks, saving our customers from ending up with counterfeit products. We guarantee high-quality disk enclosures at the best price. You will get the value for your money.