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RDX Disk Backup types

As your business or organization grows, the need for more storage space arises. And if you have critical data, then you will need a backup and restore the system to protect your business from possible data loss through an attack. This is where the RDX backup system comes in to increase the reliability of your business. Regardless of the situation, these external disks come with advantages that you should not miss.

The Most Viable Data Backup Option Available

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective data backup system, then RDX disk is the way to do it. These are very affordable external storage drives with high memory capacity to keep all your critical data. In case of damage through malware attacks or disasters such as fire, you will still have a copy of your data in the disks. The RDX backup system has all the advantages of hard drives and other benefits of security features, fast data rate, high reliability, portability, etc.

High Data Rate

RDX disks rely on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 to transfer data to or from the host computer. Over time, USB technology has evolved to be one of the fastest data transfer protocols. It will not take you the whole day to back up your data to an RDX disk or restore it. The external storage disk boasts up to 360GB per hour of data rate. The bandwidth varies depending on the USB version that the RDX disk uses, but it has an overall fast speed. For example, USB 2.0 has a clock speed of 480MBps, while USB 3.0 can reach up to 5GBps.

Easy to Install and Use

You do not require any expertise to use the RDX backup system. It is made up of plug-and-play disks, and the backup operation is done through a simple drag-and-drop step. You can also schedule for automatic backup. This can help in getting rid of human errors and improve the reliability of the system. Another good feature is the support for HP CDF software that ensures maximum data protection.

Long-Lasting Data Storage Solution

RDX disks are designed to resist shock, vibration, statics, and many other things that can reduce service life. Visit ALLHDD to buy these backward and forward compatible external storage systems for data backup. You can contact our team for any help in getting the right capacity for your system. We have up to 2TB RDX disks for you.
HP Q2046A 2TB External Storage RDX Disk Backup

Q2046A HP 2 TB 5.4 RPM 2.5 Inches RDX Technology Hard Drive Cartridge. New Bulk Pack.

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HP Q2046A 2TB External Storage RDX Disk Backup

Q2046A HP 2 TB 5.4 RPM 2.5 Inches RDX Technology Hard Drive Cartridge. New Factory Sealed 3 Years HP Warranty.

5% Discount on Checkout
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