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A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is an external device connected to a computer network that offers data to all the users on that network. It is a server packed with many storage drives and serves many purposes in any system. If you are to improve the performance of your system, then you can try out with the best NAS brands. Your business or organization might be needing them more than you had imagined.

Cost-Effective Way of Adding Storage Space

As your business grows, you will need more data storage space, and cannot be in a single computer. What if your organization is decentralized, and you need one centralized storage space? Do you think it is still possible to have data stored in a local computer? Network-attached computer storage devices make it possible for all users to access data remotely at any time.

It is very cost-effective to buy and install storage devices, but you need to know that some of these NAS devices do not come with storage drives. You might be required to purchase them separately and install them in the disk bays.

High Data Storage Capacity

Depending on the computer storage devices you choose, you can create your mini-cloud with a high storage capacity. For example, the Western Digital NAS can have up to 16TB hard disk drives, and the HP StoreEasy NAS device has a capacity of 48TB of SATA 3.5" disk drives. In short, you can create computer storage devices of the preferred capacity. You need to know what data storage drives you will use and business needs before making a final decision.

Automated Cloud Backup

Network-attached storage devices are an excellent data backup solution for your business. Instead of renting expensive cloud services, you can rely on these devices to back up your data. Being remotely located, they are shielded from data disasters through malware attacks or physical damage. If your NAS device is constantly connected to the internet, you will need better security options.

Space-Saving and Reduced Hardware Costs

Running SMBs may be costly, especially if you have to set up a data center for every department or branch. Having all the data in one place and permit remote access is much cheaper and saves a lot of space. Buy NAS devices from your favorite brand at ALLHDD. We are ready to help you get the right computer storage devices that your organization badly needs. Contact us for more detail.


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