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Most small data centers desire entry-priced array storage solutions. To achieve high storage and performance efficiency, choosing the right HPE MSA storage Hard Drive is critical.

HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage has no doubt continued to be the industry's leading entry storage.

Another entry-priced array solution is HPE MSA 1040 Storage. They come with a Data-in-Place upgrade which eliminates data migration errors.

We shall guide you in selecting the right storage Hard Drive for your business or data center.

Factors To Consider When Choosing HPE MSA Storage Hard Drive

The selection of Hard Drives for your MSA storage is determined by your server's workload, Hard Drive Speed, and storage.

1. Workload Requirement

If your server tasks involve a lot of sequential tasks, you can go for either Enterprise SAS Hard drives or SAS MDL HDD.

For standard random workloads that call for more disk-reading time, SAS Enterprise Hard drives will serve you better.

However, where high-level performance is required, Solid-State Disks (SSDs) should be your ultimate choice.

2. MSA Storage Hard Drive Speed

Apart from Disk Type, the performance of your HPE MSA Storage Hard Drives is determined by the speed which refers to the disk's rotation per minute (RPM).

Therefore, the higher your HDD speed, the faster files can be accessed by users. This is critical especially for shared storage.

For high-performance requirements with superior data access, MSA Storage Hard Drives with hot-swap such as 900GB-10K RPM or 600GB-15K RPM are recommended.

For standard storage requirements where extreme performance is not a major concern, HPE MSA storage Hard Disks with 7.2K RPM will be perfect.

Some of the MSA storage HDD that will effectively fulfill your basic standard storage requirements include:

1) 1TB-7.2K RPM

2) 2TB-7.2K RPM

3) 3TB-7.2K RPM

4) 4TB-7.2K RPM

3. Storage Requirements
This is determined by your current, or future storage requirements, as well as your budget.

Drive capacity is also significant based on your planned RAIDS configurations. You can choose single MSA storage Hard drives with various capacities that suit your needs.

If, however, you require more storage, consider investing in suitable HDD bundles. They come in different brands and capacities for your perfect selection.

4. Connection Interface | Technology

If you're using a modern or previous generation of MSA storage array, your selected Hard Disk must be compatible.

For instance, for HPE MSA 2050 Array will work with SAS Enterprise Hard Drives or Solid-State Drives (SDDs).

Modern HPE SMA Storage Enclosures come with an advanced SAS interface for guaranteed high performance and configuration flexibility.

Therefore, HPE MSA storage Hard Disks Drives with SAS interfaces are the most recommended.

Fortunately, current controllers support SATA and SAS interfaces.

It's, however, important to note that HPE MSA 2040 Array enclosure does not support LFF SATA Hard Disk Drives.

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