P19915-B21 HPE 1.6TB Solid State Drive
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HPE P19915-B21 1.6 TB Solid State Drive SAS-12GBPS Sff Mixed Refurbished

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P19915-B21 1.6 Terabytes (TB) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 12 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) Mixed Use 2.5inch Value Triple Level Cell (TLC) Digitally Signed Firmware Internal Solid State Drive for Server | Made by HPE | Refurbished
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30 Days

Product Overview for the HPE P19915-B21 1.6 TB Solid State Drive

The world of data storage is evolving rapidly, and businesses are constantly seeking reliable and efficient solutions to meet their growing storage needs. One such solution that has garnered attention is the HPE P19915-B21 1.6 TB Solid State Drive (SSD) SAS-12GBPS Sff Mixed Use DS SC. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the features, specifications, and benefits of this SSD, shedding light on its significance in the realm of storage technology.

Understanding the Basics

Before we dive into the specifics of the HPE P19915-B21 SSD, let's establish a foundational understanding of key terms associated with this storage device.

  • Solid State Drive (SSD): A Solid State Drive is a type of data storage device that uses NAND-based flash memory to store data persistently. Unlike traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) that use spinning disks, SSDs have no moving parts, resulting in faster data access and improved reliability.
  • SAS-12GBPS: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a technology used for connecting and transferring data between computers and storage devices. The "12GBPS" in SAS-12GBPS denotes the data transfer rate, indicating that this SSD supports a maximum transfer speed of 12 gigabits per second.
  • Sff Mixed Use DS SC: Sff stands for "Small Form Factor," indicating the physical size and shape of the drive. Mixed Use refers to the drive's capability to handle a mix of read and write operations, making it suitable for a variety of workloads. DS SC stands for Dual-Port, Smart Carrier, highlighting additional features related to connectivity and intelligent design.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the terms, let's explore the HPE P19915-B21 SSD in detail.

Features and Specifications

  • Capacity 1.6 TB: The HPE P19915-B21 boasts a storage capacity of 1.6 terabytes, making it suitable for businesses with demanding data storage requirements. This substantial capacity ensures that organizations can store and access a significant amount of data without compromising on performance.
  • Solid State Technology: Being a Solid State Drive, the P19915-B21 offers several advantages over traditional HDDs. The absence of moving parts results in faster data access times, lower power consumption, and increased durability, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance overall system performance.
  • SAS-12GBPS Interface: The SAS-12GBPS interface ensures high-speed data transfer between the SSD and the connected devices. With a maximum transfer rate of 12 gigabits per second, this SSD can handle intensive workloads, providing a seamless experience for users and ensuring that data-intensive applications run smoothly.
  • Small Form Factor (Sff): The Small Form Factor design of the P19915-B21 is crucial for organizations with limited physical space. This compact design allows for more efficient use of server and storage infrastructure, making it an excellent choice for environments where space optimization is a priority.
  • Mixed Use Workload Support: The Mixed Use designation signifies that the P19915-B21 is engineered to handle a mix of read and write operations. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and workloads, from transactional databases to virtualized environments, providing businesses with the flexibility to adapt to varying storage needs.
  • Dual-Port, Smart Carrier (DS SC): The dual-port feature ensures redundancy and high availability by providing multiple pathways for data to travel between the SSD and the connected systems. The Smart Carrier design adds an extra layer of intelligence, allowing for easy hot-swap capability and ensuring that the SSD integrates seamlessly into existing storage infrastructures.

Benefits of the HPE P19915-B21 SSD

  • Enhanced Performance: The combination of solid-state technology and a SAS-12GBPS interface results in enhanced performance. Businesses can experience faster data access times, reduced latency, and improved overall system responsiveness, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reliability and Durability: The absence of moving parts in SSDs contributes to their increased reliability and durability. The P19915-B21's solid-state design ensures resistance to shocks and vibrations, making it a robust solution for environments where physical resilience is crucial.
  • Flexibility in Workload Management: The Mixed Use designation means that the P19915-B21 is well-suited for a variety of workloads. Whether the organization requires storage for read-heavy applications, write-intensive tasks, or a balanced mix, this SSD can adapt to different usage scenarios, providing the necessary flexibility for diverse business needs.
  • Space Optimization: The Small Form Factor of the P19915-B21 is advantageous for businesses with limited physical space. This design allows for more efficient use of server and storage infrastructure, enabling organizations to maximize their computing resources without compromising on storage capacity.
  • High Availability and Redundancy: The dual-port and Smart Carrier features of the P19915-B21 contribute to high availability and redundancy. Dual-port connectivity ensures that data can flow through alternative paths, reducing the risk of data access disruptions. The Smart Carrier design facilitates easy hot-swapping, minimizing downtime during maintenance or upgrades.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Database Management: The high-speed performance and mixed-use workload support make the P19915-B21 ideal for database management. Organizations can rely on this SSD to handle the demands of transactional databases, ensuring smooth and efficient data processing.
  • Virtualized Environments: In virtualized environments where multiple virtual machines share the same physical hardware, the P19915-B21's flexibility in managing mixed-use workloads becomes particularly valuable. It can support the diverse storage needs of virtualized applications, contributing to a responsive and reliable virtualization infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions: For enterprises dealing with large volumes of data, the P19915-B21 offers a reliable and high-performance storage solution. Its compatibility with dual-port configurations and Smart Carrier design makes it a seamless fit for enterprise storage architectures.
  • Cloud Computing: As businesses increasingly adopt cloud computing models, the P19915-B21 can play a crucial role in providing the storage performance required by cloud-based applications. Its mixed-use capability and high-speed SAS interface align with the demands of cloud environments.

Wear-Leveling and Over-Provisioning

Wear-leveling is a technique used in solid-state drives (SSDs) to ensure that all blocks in the drive are used evenly, preventing any single block from being worn out faster than the others. This helps to extend the lifespan of the drive by spreading out the write operations evenly across all blocks.

Over-provisioning is the process of reserving a portion of the capacity of an SSD for use by the controller to manage wear leveling, garbage collection, and other internal operations. This reserved space helps to ensure that the drive can continue to perform at an optimal level even as it begins to fill up with data.

The HPE P19915-B21 1.6TB SAS 12Gbps Internal SSD supports both wear-leveling and over-provisioning. The exact amount of over-provisioning for this drive may vary, but it is typically around 7-10% of the total capacity. This reserved space helps to ensure that the drive can continue to perform at an optimal level even as it begins to fill up with data, and helps to extend the lifespan of the drive by preventing any single block from being worn out faster than the others.

Endurance Management and Extended

The endurance of the HPE P19915-B21 1.6TB SAS 12Gbps Internal SSD can be managed to ensure extended life and reliable performance. The following are some of the ways to manage the endurance of this SSD:

  • Over-Provisioning: This is the process of reserving a portion of the drive's capacity for use by the controller to perform background operations such as garbage collection and wear leveling, which help to maintain the performance and extend the life of the SSD.
  • Wear Leveling: This is a technique used by the controller to distribute write operations evenly across the flash memory, preventing any one block from reaching its maximum write endurance limit before other blocks.
  • Garbage Collection: This is the process of reclaiming space on the SSD by deleting blocks that are no longer in use and copying data from blocks that are close to reaching their maximum write endurance limit to other blocks that still have a high amount of available write endurance.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring: The S.M.A.R.T. feature can be used to monitor the health of the SSD, including attributes such as the remaining drive life, the number of errors, and the number of write operations.
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Writes: Minimizing the number of writes to the SSD can help to extend its life. Avoid using the SSD as a swap partition or temporary file storage, as this can result in excessive writes and reduce the lifespan of the drive.

General Information about this HPE P19915-B21

  • Manufacturer: HPE
  • Model Number or SKU# P19915-B21
  • Product Type: Solid State Drive
  • Interface: SAS 12GBPS

Technical Information for 1.6TB Solid State Drive

  • Storage Capacity: 1.6TB
  • NAND Flash Memory Type: Triple-Level Cell (TLC)
  • Plug Type: Hot Pluggable
  • Carrier Type: Smart Carrier (SC)
  • Workload Type: Mixed-Use
  • Bundled with HPE Smart Carrier (SC)
  • Features: Digitally Signed Firmware (DS)

Drive Performance of 12GBPS SSD

  • Lifetime Writes: 8560
  • Endurance DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day): 3.0
  • Drive Transfer Rate: 12 GB/Sec (External)
  • MAX Seq. Reads Throughput (MiB/s): 1080
  • MAX Seq. Writes Throughput (MiB/s): 1030
  • Random Read Average Latency uSec (4KiB, Q1): 185
  • Random Write Average Latency uSec (4KiB, Q1): 95
  • Random Read IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 115000
  • Random Write IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 125000
  • MAX Random Read IOPS (4KiB): 175000@Q256
  • MAX Random Write IOPS (4KiB): 125000@Q32

Power Consumption for Internal SSD

  • Idle Time: 3.47 Watt
  • Random Read: 5.47 Watt
  • Random Write: 5.47 Watt
  • Sequential Read: 6.31 Watt
  • Sequential Write: 9.03 Watt
  • Random Read/Write: 5.47 Watt
  • MAX: 9.03 Watt


  • DL20 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL20 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL20 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL20 Gen10 solution (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 Base (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 Plus (2.5 Inch)
  • DL325 Gen10 SMB Solution (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 High Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Low (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Network Choice (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Premium (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Server for CTERA (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 SMB (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 SMB Network Choice (2.5 Inch)
  • DL360 Gen10 Solution (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Base (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Entry SMB (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 for Cohesity DataPlatform (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 High Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Network Choice (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 NVMe All Flash Server for Datera (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 SMB (2.5 Inch)
  • DL380 Gen10 Solution (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Base (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 High-Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Plus (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Plus Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL385 Gen10 Solution (2.5 Inch)
  • DL580 Gen10 (2.5 Inch)
  • DL580 Gen10 Base (2.5 Inch)
  • DL580 Gen10 Entry (2.5 Inch)
  • DL580 Gen10 Performance (2.5 Inch)

In summary, the HPE P19915-B21 1.6 TB Solid State Drive SAS-12GBPS Sff Mixed Use DS SC emerges as a versatile and powerful storage solution for modern businesses. With its robust features, including a solid-state design, SAS-12GBPS interface, Small Form Factor, and mixed-use workload support, this SSD addresses the evolving storage needs of organizations across various industries.

Whether used in database management, virtualized environments, enterprise storage solutions, or cloud computing, the P19915-B21 excels in delivering enhanced performance, reliability, and flexibility. Its dual-port and Smart Carrier features further contribute to high availability and ease of maintenance, ensuring a seamless integration into existing storage infrastructures.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of data storage, the HPE P19915-B21 stands as a testament to the advancements in storage technology, providing a reliable and efficient solution to meet the demands of the digital age.

Product Condition:
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
30 Days

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