Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB PC4-17000 Ram
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Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB 2133MHZ DDR4 SDRAM PC4-17000 Ecc Bulk

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HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8 Gigabytes(GB) (1X8GB) 2133Mhz PC4-17000 Dual Rank Error correction code (ECC) Unbuffered 1.2V CL15 DDR4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) 288-Pin Udimm Memory Module for Server | Made by Hynix | New Bulk Pack
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New Bulk Pack
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90 Days
Product Specifications

HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is a type of computer memory module made by Hynix, a leading manufacturer of memory products. In this article, we will discuss in detail the features and specifications of this memory module.

Understanding DDR4 Memory

DDR4 stands for Double Data Rate 4, which is the fourth generation of DDR Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). DDR4 memory is widely used in various computing applications, including servers, laptops, desktops, and more. It offers several improvements over its predecessors, DDR3 and DDR2, such as increased speed, lower power consumption, and improved overall performance.

Hynix, a prominent name in the memory industry, has developed the HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM module with an emphasis on reliability, performance, and error correction.

Capacity and Configuration

The Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF module is an 8 8-gigabytes (GB) memory module, which means it has a storage capacity of 8 gigabytes. This module comes in a single-stick configuration, denoted as "1x8GB," indicating that it contains a single memory module with an 8GB capacity. This configuration can be particularly useful for server applications where the number of memory slots might be limited, and you need to maximize the capacity of each slot.

Applications of Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Server Environments: This memory module is tailor-made for servers, where reliability and data integrity are paramount. It is an excellent choice for file servers, web servers, database servers, and more.
  • Virtualization: Virtualization platforms benefit from ECC memory as they run multiple virtual machines on a single physical server. The ECC feature ensures that data remains accurate and consistent across virtual machines.
  • Workstations: Workstations that require a balance of performance and reliability can also benefit from this memory module. It allows for smooth multitasking and efficient data processing.
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs): CDNs require fast and reliable servers to distribute content efficiently. The HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF's speed and ECC support are advantageous for CDN infrastructure.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): In HPC clusters, where computational tasks are intensive and data accuracy is vital, ECC memory plays a critical role. This memory module is suitable for HPC applications.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): For NAS devices that store important data, ECC memory ensures that data remains intact and uncorrupted.
  • Scientific Research: Scientific research applications, such as simulations and data analysis, can benefit from the combination of speed and data integrity provided by this memory module.
Memory Speed - 2133MHz

The speed of a DDR4 memory module is measured in megahertz (MHz) and indicates how quickly the memory can transfer data. The HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF operates at a speed of 2133MHz, which means it can transfer data at a rate of 2,133 million cycles per second. This speed is crucial for server applications, as it ensures faster data access and processing, contributing to the overall performance of the server.

Error Correction Code (ECC)

Error correction code, often abbreviated as ECC, is a critical feature in server memory modules. ECC memory is designed to detect and correct single-bit errors, ensuring data integrity and reliability. In a server environment, data accuracy is of utmost importance, and ECC memory helps in preventing and rectifying errors that can occur due to various factors, including electrical interference or cosmic rays.

The HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is equipped with ECC capabilities, making it a reliable choice for servers and mission-critical applications. This ECC feature goes a long way in preventing data corruption and system crashes, which can have severe consequences in server environments.

Unbuffered Memory

Unbuffered memory, also known as unregistered memory, is a type of memory module that does not include a buffer (also called a register) between the memory module and the memory controller. Unbuffered memory is the preferred choice for consumer-grade and small-scale server systems because it offers lower latency and is easier to implement. However, it's worth noting that unbuffered memory modules are generally less scalable than their registered counterparts.

Memory Type

HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is a type of DDR4 SDRAM memory module. DDR4 stands for Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory. DDR4 is the latest generation of memory technology and is more advanced and efficient than its predecessors.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF has a capacity of 8GB, which means it can store 8 gigabytes of data. This is a suitable capacity for servers that require high-performance memory to handle large amounts of data.


DDR4 SDRAM stands for Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. It is a type of memory that synchronizes its operation with the clock speed of the system's memory controller. Synchronous operation ensures that data transfer and processing are well-timed, which leads to improved overall system performance.

The HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is a DDR4 SDRAM module, which means it is designed to work seamlessly with DDR4-compatible systems, providing the benefits of faster data transfer, lower power consumption, and increased capacity.

288-Pin UDIMM

UDIMM stands for Unbuffered Dual In-Line Memory Module. It is a type of memory module used in desktops, workstations, and some server systems. UDIMMs are characterized by their ease of installation and are a common choice for systems with a limited number of memory slots.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF has a speed of 2133 MHz, which means it can transfer data at a rate of 2133 million transfers per second. This is a high-speed memory module that is suitable for servers that require high-performance memory to handle large amounts of data.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is a dual-rank memory module. Rank refers to the number of banks of memory on a single memory module. Dual-rank memory modules have two sets of memory banks, which can increase memory performance compared to single-rank memory modules.

Benefits of Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Data Integrity: ECC (Error Correction Code) ensures that data stored and processed in server applications remains accurate and free from errors. This is crucial in mission-critical operations where data accuracy is non-negotiable.
  • Reliability: Hynix, a renowned memory manufacturer, has designed this memory module with reliability in mind. It is built to withstand the demands of server environments and deliver consistent performance.
  • Enhanced Performance: With a data transfer speed of 2133MHz and a CAS latency of 15, the HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF offers quick data access and efficient performance, which is vital for server applications where speed is a priority.
  • Low Power Consumption: Operating at 1.2V, this memory module is energy-efficient, reducing power costs and heat generation. This is beneficial for data centers aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills.
  • Unbuffered Design: The unbuffered nature of this module simplifies installation and makes it suitable for a wide range of systems, from servers to desktops.
  • Scalability: The 8GB capacity of this module is ideal for both small-scale server deployments and desktop applications. You can use multiple modules to scale up your server's memory capacity as needed.
  • Wide Compatibility: The 288-Pin UDIMM design ensures compatibility with various systems that support DDR4 memory, making it a versatile choice for different hardware configurations.

HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is an ECC memory module. ECC stands for Error-Correcting Code, which is a technology that detects and corrects errors that occur during data storage and transmission. ECC memory is more reliable than non-ECC memory, which is why it is often used in servers and other high-performance computing applications.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is an unbuffered memory module. Unbuffered memory is faster than registered memory because it has fewer components and can therefore transfer data more quickly. However, unbuffered memory is less stable than registered memory and is therefore not recommended for use in large-scale computing environments.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF operates at a voltage of 1.2V. This is a low voltage compared to previous generations of memory technology, which typically operated at 1.5V or higher. Low-voltage memory is more energy-efficient and generates less heat, which can help to reduce power consumption and improve system stability.

CAS Latency

HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF has a CAS latency of 15. CAS latency is the time delay between the moment a memory controller sends a request for data and the moment the data is available to be read. A lower CAS latency indicates faster memory performance.

Form Factor

HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF has a form factor of 288-pin UDIMM. UDIMM stands for Unbuffered Dual Inline Memory Module, which is a type of memory module that is commonly used in desktop and server computers.


HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is compatible with servers that support DDR4 memory modules. Before purchasing this memory module, it is important to check the compatibility with the specific server model.

General Information about the Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF
  • Manufacturer: Hynix
  • Part Number or SKU# HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF
  • Product Type: Memory (RAM)
  • Product Name: 8GB PC4-17000
Technical Information of Hynix 8GB 1X8GB
  • Storage Capacity: 8GB
  • Memory Technology: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Number Of Modules: 1 X 8GB
  • Bus Speed: 2133MHZ DDR4-2133/PC4-17000
  • Data Integrity Check: ECC
  • Signal Processing: Unbuffered
  • CAS Latency Timings: Cl15
  • Features: Dual Rank
  • Voltage: 1.2v

In Summary, HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF is a high-performance memory module made by Hynix that is suitable for servers that require fast and reliable memory to handle large amounts of data. Its features and specifications, including its capacity, speed, rank, ECC, unbuffered design, low voltage, CAS latency, form factor, and compatibility make it a suitable choice for many server applications. If you are in the market for a memory module for your server,

The Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM is a powerful and reliable memory module designed to meet the demands of server environments. Its ECC feature ensures data integrity and reliability, while its 2133MHz speed and low CAS latency provide quick and efficient performance. The unbuffered design simplifies installation, and the 1.2V voltage rating contributes to energy efficiency.

Whether you are managing a data center, a virtualization platform, a high-performance workstation, or any application that requires both speed and reliability, this memory module is a compelling choice. Its wide compatibility and scalability make it suitable for a variety of hardware configurations. Invest in the Hynix HMA41GU7AFR8N-TF 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM to enhance the performance and reliability of your server or computing system. With Hynix's reputation for quality and innovation, you can trust in the durability and long-term performance of this memory module.

Product Condition:
New Bulk Pack
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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