Memory types

RAM is probably the most important organ of your PC or server. Because if we define a processor as the heart of a computer system, RAM is its brain.

RAM in a server system is one of the components that are directly responsible for the performance of the system. Officially it is called RAM (Rapid Storage Device), which can temporarily store the output, input, and intermediate data of the operating system and programs. RAM is a power-dependent device because data storage in such a system requires a constant power supply, or if there is no power supply, all memory cells are cleared.

The main characteristic of high-quality RAM is its speed in the first place. At the same time, installing 2 or more memory modules in a computer system must necessarily choose modules that will work at the same speed, because the system chooses the slowest speed from the available memory modules.

Focusing on the tasks assigned to the server device, you can choose the memory by volume. It will be sufficient to buy RAM up to 2 GB to solve every day not complicated tasks, and when upgrading the computer system and for more complex purposes - the memory capacity of at least 4 GB will suffice. There are two most popular RAM types on the market today, namely DDR2 and DDR3. And at the same time, it is important to remember that they are absolutely incompatible with each other.

We recommend installing DDR (double-data-rate) memory modules of modern 3rd generation (namely DDR3). This type of memory has higher clock frequencies (up to 2,400 MHz), and lower power consumption (30-40% lower compared to DDR2), and, consequently, reduced heat emission.

What other characteristics of RAM you should pay attention to when choosing it:

  • Form factor, i.e. the type of design of the memory module itself;

This is essentially the memory board construction. It includes the memory module size, number, and location of contacts. Keep in mind that different form factors are incompatible with each other.

  • Bus frequency and data transfer rate.

Bus bandwidth and frequency depend on each other. When choosing the required frequency, you need to rely on the capabilities offered by the system. We recommend choosing a frequency that matches the one supported by your CPU and motherboard.

  • The amount of memory that has already been mentioned;

A bigger RAM is required when running administrative software like spam prevention or antivirus checking, which takes up a lot of space. Choosing the right memory RAM is highly prioritized to ensure the computer's 100% performance. Many options of RAM are available online with different storage space for every server's needs.

  • Timings.

That is latency or time delays of your RAM. The bandwidth, and therefore the speed of the whole system, will directly depend on them.

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