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The motherboard is a printed circuit board that uses interface connectors to link the many parts of the computer. If the CPU is the brain of the computer, then we can consider the motherboard to be the host of the brain coordinating the actions of the CPU. From the Central Processing Unit to the device memory, drives, ports, and cards, a desktop motherboard is the glue that binds every individual component of a computer together. The motherboard synchronizes all actions within the computer and allows it to function as a single unit, despite its many components. Your desktop motherboard is essentially a large circuit board that is embedded into your computer case. This device is so important because it is where all the units of your computer connect to. There are several sockets on a motherboard, each for a separate computer component (the CPU socket, for example, is where the CPU connects to)

The desktop motherboard serves as a distributor of power to the many components that make up a computer and also hosts a communication channel for these components to exchange data through the LGA (Land Grid Array). Over time, different modifications have been made to the sizes of the motherboards. Despite the fact that the size of a motherboard for PC is designed based on specific factors, there are still varying similarities in motherboards created by brands. For instance, the specification designed by Intel ATX is what is commonly used when it comes to the production of desktop motherboards. Their sizes can range from standard ATX (12 × 9.6 inches 305 × 244 mm) to Micro ATX (9.6 × 9.6 inches 244 × 244 mm) and finally the Mini ATX (Mini ATX - 5.9 × 5.9 inches 150 × 150 mm). The difference between them is the number of sockets available for it to be connected to or powered.

The motherboard serves as a connector for all the parts of the computer as mentioned earlier hence, understanding what these parts are is crucial to know how the desktop motherboard functions;

  • Memory cards: which host the DIMM chips (DRAM integrated circuits of which it can be any of the generations of RAM i.e. DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4)
  • CPU sockets: are pins upon which the CPU sits instead of being soldered to the motherboard. Types are the LGA, PGA, and ZIF.
  • Chipsets: responsible for communication between the CPU and other components on the Motherboard. It has two parts: northbridge and southbridge.
  • Expansion card slots: used to install more components like the graphics card, wireless adapters, etc via the PCI. These days, motherboards have the PCIe an improvement on PCI and PCI-X.
  • Storage connectors: for attaching storage devices through the SATA which can be SATA 3.2, mSATA, eSATA subject to the computer's build.
  • Heat sink cooling amongst others.

Here at ALLHDD, we have different PC motherboard categories that comprise:

  • Socket 1156: an Intel produced LGA socket that allows connections from the CPU to other components of the Desktop through PCI-Express 2.0 ×16 especially for communication with a graphics card amongst others.
  • Socket 775: also an Intel produced LGA socket for a desktop motherboard that makes use of Pins to hold the CPU instead of using socket holes.
  • Eaglelake: this is a desktop computer chipset that supports the Intel LGA 775 socket. It is also known as the P45 express.

Others are the DC Board, DX Board, All in One, Atom Board, Envy Board, Eton Board, Inspiron Board, Pavilion, Piketon, Precision, Presario, ThinkCentre, TouchSmart, Workstation, Angelica, Capirona, OmniBook Board.

If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right motherboard that will meet your needs contact our customer service, and we will be glad to help.

HP 776431-501 Desktop Board Networking All in One.
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HPE 712659-002 Pavilion Motherboard
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