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The server motherboard coordinates and houses the vital components of the server from the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to the chipset, the PCIe slots, and all the RDIMM sockets. It can also be called a multiprocessor or systems board. A server motherboard hosts communications between the Server CPU and other systems connected to the server via a network which could be a server database, applications server, or web server. The server motherboard unlike a desktop motherboard typically has more than one microprocessor due to the workload as a lot of processes are always running in the background. Hence, it has more cores and threads for efficient data processing.

Server Board Components

  • CPU support: these days, the memory controller is built directly into the CPU, therefore allowing it to support different memory speeds. That is why CPU count and the CPU type become important. For instance, Intel's Motherboard is only compatible with Intel processors. Hence, an LGA 771 CPU must be installed on an LGA 771 motherboard.
  • Processor slots: Some motherboards can have two or more processors. Subject to server and processor type, the installation of the processor could be in a ZIF socket, a single-processor cartridge, or a patented multiprocessor cartridge. These days, server processors are socketed. Server boards based on ATX, BTX, and other form factors can also support up to 4 processors as the motherboard to be used in a server is influenced by the number of processors.
  • Chipset: Although your motherboard may have a similar form factor with another server board, the components for compatibility depend on the chipset of the motherboard itself. It is made up of the north and south bridges. The northbridge is the chip controlling the channel of communication between the CPU, Memory, PCIe, and the southbridge. While the southbridge connects the input and output devices like the USBs, SATA, Bus, and others. It also regulates power management. Some server boards also have other chips for more functions like network control, PCI-X control, etc. The server motherboard's chipset supports memory ECC (error-correcting code) and Registered SDRAM and DDR RAM. It also supports PCI-X expansion slots
  • iv.DIMM (RAM) sockets

At ALLHDD, you will find the best server motherboards for the following servers and sockets: PowerEdge, ProLiant, Socket 1150, Socket 2011, Socket 604, Socket R3, and others.

Also, we have components for:

  • Blade server: this is a server used as a channel between programs, and systems amongst others. We have the most compatible versions of the server board for this machine, so check our catalog.
  • BladeCenter: we also offer server boards for BladeCenter servers. Such as 68Y8163 IBM - System Board.
  • LGA 1150: we also offer server boards with the Socket H3, a product for Intel's central processing units (CPUs).
  • LGA 1366: the socket B whose number of pins is indicated by 1366, this is a motherboard produced by Intel. If you need a server board that's compatible with this socket check out X8DTU-F Supermicro Dual LGA1366 Server Board.
  • LGA 2011: better known as socket R and produced by intel as a replacement for Socket B. it has its memory controller and PCIe integrated into the CPU. For server boards compatible with this socket, check out our stock.

Check our server motherboards categories and other server products now, or contact our customer support if you need assistance.

HP 801939-001 ProLiant Motherboard Server Board

801939-001 HP Proliant Dl380P G8 V2 System Board | New Factory Sealed 3 Years HP Warranty

HP 801939-001 ProLiant Motherboard Server Board

801939-001 HP Proliant Dl380P G8 V2 System Board | Refurbished

HP 801942-001 Motherboard Server Boards ProLiant
Contact us for a price

801942-001 HP System Board For Proliant Ml350 G8 | Refurbished

HP 806840-001 Motherboard Server Boards ProLiant

806840-001 HPE System Board For Proliant Ml150 G9 Server Dual Xeon Socket Lga | Refurbished

HP 809455-001 Motherboard Server Boards ProLiant

809455-001 HP Motherboard For Proliant Dl380 G10. Refurbished.

HP 812124-001 Proliant Server Board Motherboard

812124-001 HP Proliant Dl20 G9 Motherboard | Refurbished

HP 812907-001 Motherboard Server Boards ProLiant

812907-001 HP System Board For Proliant Dl560 G9 E5-4600 V3 And V4 Server | Refurbished

IBM 81Y6625 Sunfire System Motherboard Server Board

81Y6625 IBM System Board For System X3550 X3650 M3 With Tray. Refurbished.

HP 820254-001 Proliant Server Board Motherboard

820254-001 HP Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4 And E5-2600 V3 Processors System Board For Proliant Bl460c Gen9 Server | Refurbished

HP 822184-001 Proliant Server Board Motherboard

822184-001 HP System Board For HP Proliant Dl30 G9 | Refurbished

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