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CD-RW types

The use of CDs is being phased out from the computer world because of their drawbacks. They have a limited data storage capacity of just 700MB and a low data rate. Other optical discs, such as DVDs, are currently the ones being widely used. However, that might change in the future because of the flash drives that offer more storage capacity at a lower cost. However, some computer software and drivers are still stored in these CDs.

What CD Drive Do You Need?

The response to this question depends on what you intend to do with your drive. Some optical disc drives can only read from a CD and are referred to as CD-ROM drives. In this category, you will find optical disc drives that can write and read CDs. That is necessary when you need to burn information onto blank CDs. With that capability, you can create your own drives and software and made them available onto optical discs ready for installation.

CD RW Data Speeds

Just like other types of optical disc drives, CD-RW drives have data read and data write speeds. You need to consider this info when buying a new drive for your system. This feature varies from one brand to the next, regardless of whether they are of the same brand. For example, HP CD RW Combo Drive can have different X-factors of 24X or 8X. Remember, this will make all the difference on how fast you can install software or drivers from a CD. The same goes for writing to the CD.

Are CD-RW Drives Worth It?

As mentioned earlier, optical drives are being phased out. You will not see them in modern laptops, which have been made to be slimmer. Instead of buying an optical drive that can only read and write data to CDs, you might consider DVD/CD-RW combo drives. Most computer software and operating systems used today come in a DVD package. Having a Combo drive that can read from both CD and DVD is advantageous.

Where to Buy Optical Drives

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HP 416970-001 Thinkpad Multimedia CD-RW
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