Multimedia - DVD-RW

DVD-RW types

Multimedia - DVD-RW

If you are familiar with the DVD ROM drives, there is nothing much to learn about the DVD-RW drives. They are the same and use a SATA interface. The only difference is that the latter one can write data to DVD optical disks. DVD ROM drive can only read data, which is a bottleneck in applications where data needs to be written to the disks. DVD RW is basically a SATA drive with both properties and is sometimes referred to as DVD burners.

Factors to Consider When Buying DVD RW

The market can be a challenging avenue where things get more complex than you ever thought. It is not just a matter of walking and picking the product you need. An experienced shopper will have an informed opinion on what he or she is looking for. Consider the following factors:

External vs Internal Drives

DVD-RW are of two main types depending on where they are used. Internal optical drives are fixed within the drive bay in your system, while external drives connect to the system through a USB cable. Each drive type is used in different situations. If you already have a DVD-ROM drive sitting in the internal system bay, then you can opt for a DVD-RW external drive if you need a write capability. Some people would prefer to remove the ROM drive and replace it with an RW drive. That is an option if the two drives are of the same form factors.

DVD RW Brand

This will depend on your system. For example, there is a specific DVD RW drive for Lenovo ThinkPad and an Optical disk drive for ProLiant servers. The same goes for other brands as well. When shopping, ensure to match them. The drives are not cross-compatible.

Form Factor

Different DVD drives have varying form factors, even if they are of the same brand. For example, IDE optical drives have two different sizes: half height and slim. Once again, you have to consider the size of the drive bay in your system before concluding the purchase.

Being keen on these parameters is what will make the difference between an excellent and bad shopping experience. If you are looking for the best drives, then end your search with us. ALLHDD has all the major brands and models of DVD RW drives for every computer system. We also have a sales team to help you buy the right drive. Contact us for more information.
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