Networking - Management Module

Management Module types

The network management module aims to control and monitor network communications. They help in effectively putting an end to illegal computers from accessing computers within the internal network.

The management module provides users with more extensive remote monitoring of activities. They also offer more efficient configuration as well as alarm notification for media converters and NIDs.

These devices provide users with real-time remote management with a continuous collection of module information and system status. They give the user a report of the status collection so that they can be applied to network management. For chassis power management, the module displays LED alarms.

The network management module provides the user with comprehensive support for local modules as well as remote iConverter modules. Such module support options include port settings, rate-limiting, and VLANs.

They mainly as a command-and-control module for the entire SAFE blueprint for all users. The security support infrastructure resides within this module.

The network management module has the following characteristic features:

The network management module has a quite easy-to-use policy based on network address parameters, port and traffic direction, and more to control the user's network communications.

There are built-in intrusion detection and blocking function that prevents the user from illegal external access or threats. The wireless management modules are designed to grant network access rights to different groups of users easily. They allow for the remote management of organizational activities.

Products in this range have been programmed to send real-time alerts to administrators when they detect prohibited actions. They have the capability of blocking malicious ports and download ports in order to ensure the protection of the internal network from all kinds of threats.

The network management module gives the users a real chance of ensuring the safety of their confidential and sensitive data that has been stored in the computers. By doing this, all forms of threats (intruders or viruses) are expelled or blocked from gaining access. All of these are considered unauthorized and malicious to the network.

The management module also gives the user control over all access rights of different apartments to standardize company management. With these devices, it possible for hardware and software devices to be monitored by the authorized administrator or user.

Security happens to be one of the reasons why most users opt for the module. This is because it often comes with protection against hacking, cyber threats, viruses, and others that may occur within or out of the company or workplace.

The interconnections between systems usually lead to a potential opportunity for an intruder to cause harm either to equipment or confidential data.

More centralized access to data makes more information relatively accessible when needed. Likewise, backup and recovery are important benefits of the network management module. These features help to protect important databases in case of emergencies or complications.

In any case, where there are multiple computers or servers, as well as routers are all interconnected, problems become inevitable. It is always advisable to put in place necessary management mechanism to avert any loss. The best you can do is to choose a network management module.
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