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For all your expansion module needs, we've got you covered with high-performance devices that increase functional capability and ease business processes.

You can talk to any of our staff and consult on what would be the best way forward when getting an expansion module to complement and enhance existing infrastructure and meet your immediate and future needs.

We have hardware level 12 with firmware 3.0 or higher modules that allow for the installation of up to 14 expansion modules below the base module for resilient performance. Expansion modules connect to the base module using USB Type-A connectors. That's not all, we have hardware level 11 and lower that supports up to 9 expansion modules.

With an expansion module, you get additional cartridge storage as well as tape drive capacity. We have expansion modules that contain up to two drives and two power supplies. You can choose to have the expansion module with tape drives and power supply installed so that it makes setup easier from your end. Expansion modules will need a power supply only if you install a tape drive in them. A single power supply can actually power two drives. However, you can add a second power supply for redundancy purposes. Without a tape drive, the expansion module is powered via the USB cable connected to the base module.

Expansion modules require 2U rack space and will be shipped with the necessary mounting hardware used to secure them to the rack.

The top features of the expansion modules we've listed include:

  • High-resolution LCD screens of up to 5" with backlight for a vibrant visual experience and ease of use. The expansion modules have programmable line keys ensuring that the interface is intuitive and interactive.
  • Straightforward setup to facilitate easy installation.
  • Availability of a wide range of custom configurations
  • Advanced call handling and contact management capabilities to help increase productivity.
  • XML browser functionality
  • Compatibility across systems which helps to leverage existing IT infrastructure investment. All the expansion modules we've made available will help to enhance your existing desktop solutions.
  • Seamless fusion with planar and fibre technology
  • Compatibility with phone models such as SIP-T27P and SIP-T29G helps to expand functionality.
  • Availability of color icons that enhance the visual experience for users. There are color-coded independent actionable control keys that facilitate fast switching between pages.
  • Ability to link together a maximum of six phone systems and up to two expansion modules from a single host phone.
  • Support for up to 3 modules on a daisy-chain
  • Reduced excess loss and PDL
  • Support for advanced call functions including call forwarding, call transfers, multi-person conferencing, call pickup, LDAP, speed dial, and BFL list.
  • Shipped with a stand that has two adjustable angles

You can find almost every module option in our catalogue, we have modules with different numbers of ports, from 1-port options to 50- and 90-port options, you can also check out our 20 Gigabit, 48 Gigabit, and 100 Gigabit expansion modules. Browse through our categories to find the best option for your needs.

All expansion modules make for ideal solutions for administrative assistants, receptionists, and contact center employees due to the ability to easily manage large call volumes and monitor a large number of contacts.

Dell 407-BBOB 10 Gigabit Networking Expansion Module

407-BBOB Dell Uplink Module 10GB EtherneT X 2 For Networking N3024, N3024F, N3024P, N3048, N3048P. Refurbished.

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Dell 407-BBOC 110 Gigabit Networking Expansion Module

407-BBOC Dell Enterprise SFP 10GBE Uplink Module N30XX. Refurbished.

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Dell 407-BBTD Networking Switch 24 Port

407-BBTD Dell S6100-On 16X 40GB QSFP+ Ports Module. Refurbished.

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Dell 409-10941 10gbe Sfp+ 4 Port Module

409-10941 Dell 10GBE SFP+ 4 Port Module | Brand New

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Dell 409-BBCQ 4 Port Networking Expansion Module

409-BBCQ Dell 10GB Aset Module Quad Port For MXL, Power Connect 8132F. Refurbished.

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Dell 409-BBCV 10 Gigabit Networking Expansion Module

409-BBCV Dell Uplink Module 10GB Ethernet Expansion Module | Refurbished

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Dell 409-BBCY 4 Ports Module

409-BBCY10 Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) 4 Ports Expansion Module | Made by Dell | Brand New

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Dell 409-BBCZ 10 Gigabit Networking Expansion Module

409-BBCZ Dell Enterprise SFP+ 10GBE Uplink Module N30XX Transceiver Module | Refurbished

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HP 419329-001 Ethernet Module

419329-001 1GB (Gigabyte) Ethernet Pass-Thru 16 X 1000base-t Downlinks Module for C-class Twisted Pair 1000base-t Blade System | Made by HP | Refurbished

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Dell 430-4402 Mezzanine Card Networking Expansion Module

430-4402 Dell Intel I350-T4 1g Qp Mezzanine Card | Refurbished

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