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A network adapter also called a network interface card is a plug-in card that serves to allow computers to both transmit and receive data on a local network. It is a component of a computer's internal hardware that facilitates communication over a network.

In a more current context, network adapters will refer to an Ethernet adapter where the Ethernet circuitry is built into motherboards of the latest desktops and laptop computers. Other times, a network adapter may also refer to a wireless (Wi-Fi) adapter.

In all instances, the adapter allows a computer to connect with another computer, a server, or other networking devices through a LAN connection. The use of a network adapter is not limited to wired connections as it is used for wireless networks. The adapters for wired networks come with an RJ-45 port that may use either the twisted or untwisted pair cables for network connectivity. For the wireless adapters, the network connection is facilitated through a built-in antenna or an externally connected antenna. Both the wired and wireless network adapters support the popular LAN protocols including TCP/IP. We have 1-port, 2-port, 4-port, 6-port, 8-port, and 16-port options that support speeds of 10, 25, 40, or even 100 Gigabits.

The plug-in network interface cards (NICs) are normally used in high-performance machines especially if a faster Ethernet standard is relatively new and available but is yet to become mainstream. In fact, the major difference between network adapters lies in the network protocol it supports.

We have the different types of network adapters necessary for building computer-to-computer networks that don't have a switch or hub. All the network adapters are fairly inexpensive and readily adaptable to different applications within a network. Some of the common types available are:

Network adapters common types

  • Desktop Network Interface Card: This adapter is usually connected to a PCI or PCIe slot, whichever is available on the motherboard of your desktop computer. You will need to open your computer's case and it, therefore, presents the most difficult installation method. The PCIe slot is generally found in new computers.
  • PC Card or PCMCIA Card: PCMCIA is the abbreviation for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. The name has undergone changes over time to be referred to as a PC Card or ExpressCard. For dimensions, the PC card is almost similar in size to a credit card but is significantly thicker. The PC card is connected to a PC or PCMCIA card slot in your desktop computer or laptop computer.
  • USB adapter: This network adapter is typically a small device, similar to a thumb drive, with a USB interface. Installation is easy and straightforward since it is plugged into the USB port of your desktop or laptop computer or other network devices that have a USB port.
  • Wireless game adapters also referred to as media adapters, are connected to older game consoles and home entertainment devices so as to act as a bridge to Wi-Fi capability. They help expand functionality on these entertainment devices through connections to the internet.
HP 468001-001 Quad-Ports Adapter

468001-001 1 Gigabits Per Second (GBPS) Quad-Ports RJ-45 10Base-T Gigabit Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI) 10/100/1000Base-T Express more

HP 468349-001 2 Ports Adapter

468349-001 Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) 10Gigabits Per Second (GBPS) Ethernet Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) 2.0 x8 more

IBM 46K5538 4Port Networking Network Adapter

46K5538 IBM 10GB IVEHEA 4-Port Host Ethernet Adapter 2BDC. Refurbished.

IBM 46K5965 4Port Networking Network Adapter

46K5965 IBM 4port 1GBe Host Ethernet Adapter Card. Refurbished.

IBM 46K6484 4Port Networking Network Adapter

46K6484 IBM 4-Port 1GBE Host Ethernet Adapter Card. Refurbished.

IBM 46K6488 4-Port Networking Network Adapter

46K6488 IBM 10GB Ivehea 4Port Host Ethernet Adapter 2BDC. Refurbished.

IBM 46K6734 4-Port Networking Network Adapter

46K6734 IBM 4-Port ASYNC EIA-232 PCIE 1X LP Adapter. Refurbished.

IBM 46K6818 2Port Networking Network Adapter

46K6818 IBM 10GB Dual Port IVE/HEA SR 1830 Integrated Virtual Ethernet Card. Refurbished.

IBM 46K7459 10Gigabit Networking Network Adapter

46K7459 IBM 10GB Dual Port Host Ethernet Adapter. Refurbished.

IBM 46K7897 PCI-X Networking Network Adapter

46K7897 IBM 10GB Ethernet-Sr Pcie Adapter. Refurbished.

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