Networking - Wireless Controller

Wireless Controller types

With the growing number of wireless devices, there is a clear pointer that your business requires a wireless controller. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will find controllers that match your need. But what are these controllers used for? In a wireless local area network (WLAN), a controller manages all wireless access points. That permits wireless devices to connect to the network and communicate with each other. Think of it as an audio amplifier, but in this case, a controller amplifies the signal from the router so that even devices at far distances can connect.

How to Buy a Wireless Controller

You have to consider many factors when planning to buy a wireless network controller. At the top of the list is the budget. Depending on the resources you have set aside for this project, you can go for high-end 10-gigabit controllers or choose cost-effective options. Another factor to consider is the size of your organization. Assuming that you have enough money on your budget, a wireless controller with many access points and port is the ideal choice for large enterprises. The same will do for small businesses, but not be economical. So, instead of buying an 8-port controller, you can go for a 4-port one with few access points. Medium-sized organizations are better off with 6-point controllers such as AIR-CT5760-1K-K9 Cisco 5760.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Network Controllers?

The first benefit is better security for both your wired and wireless networks. Most cybercrimes begin at unsecured wireless network access points. But with controllers, you can authenticate users and assign access privileges to maintain your network security. You can also detect and stop any unauthorized attempt to access the network on time before it turns into a disaster.

A wireless controller makes it possible and easier to monitor and manage a network. You can remotely monitor the entire IT infrastructure and save on the time and cost of site surveying. The simplified network monitoring and management ensure reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

Buy a WLAN Controller at ALLHDD

Undoubtedly, your business needs a wireless network. You cannot think of going wireless without a controller. Buy quality wireless controllers at ALLHDD at the best price. We have different types and models for every organization's size and specific needs. Contact us if you need more information about shopping on our website. We are also available to answer all your queries.

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