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Every electronic device has a PSU that converts AC voltages from the mains supply to different DC voltage levels required by the components and systems. It is not a different story for computers, servers, workstations, and any other IT equipment in your server. Most of the computer power supplies we see today use switched-mode operation and conforms to the ATX standards.

How to Choose a Desktop Power Supply

Different manufacturers have varying designs for their products. That has led to the differences in the desktop power supplies in the market today. Some of the parameters are efficiency, form factor, protection, input and output power rating, and many others. When searching for a new desktop power supply, you have to factor in these parameters:

Desktop Power Supply Efficiency

You need a desktop power supply with the highest efficiency, there is no doubt about that. The efficiency of these power devices is defined as the ratio of output to input power. An efficient PSU produces less heat, making the cooling of the system easy. A less efficient product, on the other hand, leads to wastage of electrical power.


You don't want your newly acquired product to smoke just a few months after buying it. The system also needs protection from voltage and current spikes, and overload. Ensure your new product is safe for use, even when there are power surges.

Power Rating

The total output power from a PSU matters a lot, and it depends on the intended use. Different PSUs in the market have varied ratings. For that reason, you have to be very careful not to buy inappropriate PSU. For example, an HP switching power supply for DC7100 is rated 340W while 3YKG5 Dell power supply for Dell Optiplex is rated 240W. This shows that you need to define the targeted use of the power supply before making the purchase. Also, check the rated input and output parameters and your power system frequency.

Power Supply Form Factor

You have many options when it comes to the chassis size of the Desktop Power Supply unit. Firstly, you need what will easily fit in your existing case. Secondly, you need to check whether it is modular or not. Most of the power supplies you will find use ATX standards to define the physical size. There are desktop power supplies with small form factors such as SFX and CFX. For example, 468929-003 HP is an SFF power supply unit.

Power Supply Connectors

If the connectors in your desktop power supply cannot match the component pins on the computer, then that PSU is not useful. You have to match the power connectors on the PSU to the pins on the motherboard.

Power Factor Correction

Some power supply units, such as Lenovo 240W, have a power factor correction mechanism. This is to avoid back-feeding harmonics to the power system and comply with the laws in some regions. A power supply with PFC mechanisms is also more efficient than those without. If the power factor is your main concern, then you can check out this feature.

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Cisco CP-DSKCH-7921G Power Supply Desktop Power Supply

CP-DSKCH-7921G Cisco 7921G Desktop Charger With Speakerphone. Refurbished.

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Dell TDPS-580AB D 580 Watt Desktop Power Supply

TDPS-580AB D Dell 580 Watt Power Supply For Compellent SC4000. Brand New OEM With 1 Year Warranty.

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Lenovo HP-A2268F3P 225 Watt Desktop Power Supply

HP-A2268F3P Lenovo 225 Watt Power Supply For Thinkcentre. Refurbished.

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HP D10-240P1A 240 Watt Desktop Power Supply

D10-240P1A HP 240 Watt 85% Efficient Power Supply For 4000 Pro Small Form Factor Pc. Refurbished.

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HP 613763-001 240 Watt Desktop Power Supply

613763-001 HP 240 Watt Power Supply. Refurbished.

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IBM HP-A3108F3P 310 Watt  Desktop Power Supply

HP-A3108F3P IBM Power Supply 310 Watt For Thinkcentre. Refurbished

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Dell D235PD-00 235 Watt Desktop Power Supply

D235PD-00 Dell 235 Watt Desktop Power Supply. New Bulk Pack.

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Dell F250AD-00 250 Watt  Desktop Power Supply

F250AD-00 Dell 250 Watt Power Supply For Optiplex 390 790. Refurbished.

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HP 503378-001 320 Watt Power Supply

503378-001 HP 320 Watt Power Supply For 6005MT Elite 8000 MT. Refurbished.

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HP DPS-475CB-1 A 475 Watt Desktop Power Supply

DPS-475CB-1 A HP 475 Watt Power Supply For Workstation Z400. Refurbished.

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