Processor - AMD EPYC 12-CORE

AMD EPYC 12-CORE types

AMD 12 core processors are cost-effective server CPUs designed for SMBs and rapidly-expanding organizations. Due to the high demands for more secure and high-performance server solutions for modern-day data centers, these multicore processors have become the only option. It is possible to set up a robust IT infrastructure to handle the data and accelerated workloads.

A Breakthrough Server Solution

With the AMD EPYC processor series, you can build for the future. The AMD 12 core processors are designed with SoC, thereby eliminating the need for any support ICs. The cost of these processors is relatively low despite the high performance that they deliver to the users.

The Best in Data Security and Integrity

Data security is a global challenge that every organization is trying to fight. You win that fight with AMD 12 core processor designed with many advanced security features. On the list, we have the AMD secure processor, secure memory encryption, and secure encrypted memory virtualization. These features provide ultimate security to your system by blocking all the possible attack points when your systems boot or processing your crucial information.

The Leader in Performance

All server processors are designed to perform, but the cost of performance varies from one CPU model or brand to another. Also, when talking about performance, it is relative to what your application needs. You have to consider all the performance features of any processor you intend to buy. These parameters include clock speed, cache memory capacity, PCI express lanes, power consumption, and many others.

AMD EPYC processors are known for their high-performance attributed to their high capacity level 3 cache memory. AMD EPYC 7272 processors have a 64MB cache memory, but here other models where this capacity can get to over 100MB. With the large memory combined with a high clock speed of 2.9GHz, you can expect the performance to meet your requirements.

Upgrading to AMD 12 Core Processor

While it is not the best-performing processor among the AMD EPYC CPU series, it is still an upgrade worth trying. You can improve your system's performance and reliability when you use the AMD 12 core processor.

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AMD 100-000000079 2.90 GHz Processor AMD EPYC 12-CORE
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100-000000079 AMD EPYC 7272 12 Core 2.9GHz 64MB L3 Cache Socket SP3 7NM 120W Processor. New Bulk pack.

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