Processor - AMD EPYC 48-CORE

AMD EPYC 48-CORE types

The AMD EPYC 48 core processors are server CPUs that offer the high performance required by these applications. The processors aimed at revolutionizing the computing industry with support to Artificial Intelligence and big data. An AMD 48 core processor can support up to 96 threads, making it suitable for multithreaded applications.

Low Power Consumption

Usually, a multicore processor like the AMD 48 core would generate a lot of heat given the amount of power it demands at full load. This CPU remains to be one of the most power-efficient systems in the production line for servers. The power usage varies from one processor model to the next, but it averages at around 200W. For example, AMD EPYC 7552 CPU requires 200W while 7642 requires 225W. If power consumption is your main concern, then you can choose the CPU according to that criterion.

High Cache Memory Capacity

Usually, AMD has the disadvantage of clock speed compared to its Intel counterpart. However, the company compensates by giving a high capacity level 3 cache memory to its server processors. Most of these processors clocked at 2.20GHz or 2.3GHz, but with a cache memory of up to 256MB for some models. With that, the chip can compete in the market for the high performance demanded by most of the applications.

Suitable Processor for PCIe-Heavy Deployments

One of the factors that you should consider when shopping for a new CPU is the number of supported PCI-express lanes. You might also consider the PCI-e version if you need speed. The scalability of any IT system relies on the number of these lanes to support more storage devices and other attached devices to improve performance. Your business will grow, resulting in the need for more storage capacity, and the performance of the server will rise. An AMD 48 core processor is designed for the future. It will allow you to scale up your IT system as the need arises.

Upgrading to AMD 48 Core Processor

Is it time to upgrade your server with a more-performing CPU? Choose AMD 48 Core processors to stay ahead of the competition. We at ALLHDD have the stock to supply for your needs. Whether you are a retailer or a consumer, we will meet your requirement.

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