Processor - AMD Opteron Hexa Core

AMD Opteron Hexa Core types

AMD Opteron Hexa core processors are one of the best performing server processors of this family. It has 6 cores that use a high-speed bus for data transfer, with some of them having a bus speed of 6400MHz. These processors are commonly used in ProLiant Servers because of their performance and low-power consumption. Comparatively, they are also cheaper.

Advanced Hyper Transport Technology

AMD Hexa core processor uses the high-speed, low-latency point-to-point link that offers maximum bandwidth. This technology improves the performance of this Hexa core processor by enhancing communication between the cores.

Priority Request Interleaving

The communication between the processor and other attached devices has been made easy using the same hyper-transport technology. Instead of one I/O device waiting for the other to complete communicating to the processor, it can come in and send its data packet. This new device will not queue forever before the CPU interprets its request and respond back through a different channel. AMD Hexa core processor has been able to improve perforce in a similar way.

Consistent Performance Regardless of The Number of Connected Devices

The performance of a CPU can be greatly affected by the number of devices it has to communicate with if a PCI bus is used. That is not the case with a point-to-point connection that Opteron Hexa core processors use. There is no degradation in performance even as more and more devices are added to the system.

Processor for Every Application

We have different models of AMD Opteron Hexa core processors in the market. Their clock speed varies considerably, a desirable feature if you don't want to spend much on a processor that you will underutilize. The difference in performance is also key to help in scalability. Just like all other Opteron processor families, the Hexa core processor supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computations.

Despite being server processors, the different processing speeds and power consumption make them suitable for many other applications. For light load applications, you can choose 2.1GHz processors. But if you run workload-heavy applications, then you need 3.1GHz processors to suffice.

Affordable AMD Hexa Core Processor

When shopping for these Hexa core processors, remember to get your processor at ALLHDD for the best price. We stock quality processors that you can rely on to meet your application requirements. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We have a great customer support team to help you shop on our website.

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