Processor - Intel Celeron Dual Core

Intel Celeron Dual Core types

Intel Celeron Dual Core processors and entry-level CPUs, commonly found in laptops and other portable devices. It is not as advanced as other core 2 duo processors from Intel but is good enough for light office tasks such as email, surfing, and other uses. However, it cannot handle applications that demand high computing power, such as video editing, 3D games, and virtualization.

Best for Battery Life

One great feature of portable devices is the ability to retain power for a long time. Using low-end processors such as an Intel Celeron Dual Core makes this possible. That because of the low power required by the CPU to run when doing light tasks. High-power CPUs need much more energy to handle workload-heavy tasks, making them not last long with the battery.

Best Low-Budget Processor

Computers with Intel Celeron Dual Core processors are relatively cheaper than those packed with other high-end versions. That means you can still own a computer even on a tight budget, only that what you can do with it will be limited to just basic tasks. If it is your first time owning a computer, then you can start with the affordable ones. These are built on an Intel Celeron Dual Core processor.

Better than Single Core Processors

Despite the relatively low performance of the Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, it is still better than all other single-core CPUs. These processors can share the workload between the two units, thereby completing the computation much faster than a single-core processor. That is noticeable when you have more than one process running on your system. However, this comparison is only valid when the two processors have the same clock speed.

A single-core processor can be better than Intel Celeron Dual Core if it has a much higher clock speed. That means it takes a shorter time to complete a task, giving it a computational advantage.

Buying an Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor

Despite being branded as a low-performance processor, you can still find Intel CPUs of this model on the market with much higher clock speed. For example, the G3900 Dual Core processor clocks at 2.80GHz and has a cache memory of 2MB. Shop for these high-performance processors only at ALLHDD to make your system budget-friendly.

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