Processor - Core i5

Core i5 types

A step higher from Intel Core i3 processors is the Intel Core i5 processors. There is a remarkable difference between these two different processor versions in terms of cache memory and the number of cores. The clock speed varies from one model to the next and is not very far from those of core i3 processors. Core i5 processors are mostly quad cores, but you can find up to six-core processors. That high number of processors makes them better performers than core i3, which only has two processor cores.

High Performance - Perfect for AAA Games

Despite the variance in clock speeds of core i5 processors, it is still possible to play 144op games without lags. Remarkably, it is possible to go beyond the 60 frames per second with these processors. They are suitable for multitasking and handling workload-demanding applications such as video editing, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, etc. Factually, they are among the high-end processors from Intel on the market today for desktop and laptop computers.

Power Consumption and TCO Vary with Clock Speed

As you would expect, the higher the clock speed, the more power the processor consumes. A higher clock-speed also implies a high total cost of ownership. That means you have to do a trade-off when shopping for Intel i5 processors. If you do not intend to run processor-intensive applications, then you can go for cost-friendly processors that clock at 2.50GHz. The clock speed can be as high as 3.4GHz, but that means you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. Such high processor speeds are only viable if upgrading from a low-end processor with an already estimated workload.

There is a non-linear relationship between clock speed and power consumption. It is even confusing to find some Intel Core i5 processors with higher clock speeds consuming less energy than others with relatively low clock speeds. What brings the difference? The secret lies in the power management system that is being improved with every new version and model of these processors. For example, an Intel Core i5 3470 clocks at 3.2 and uses 77W of power. An Intel 2nd generation Core i5 2400 clocks at 3.1HGz but consumes 95W of power.

Integrated AI Technology

This is a common feature of most of the high-end processors from Intel. Core i5 processors are integrated with AI technology that makes your computer adapt to what you use it for. This is technology at its best. We may not say much about the AI integration into the processors. But are meant to make your computer more adaptive to regular tasks it handles.

How to Shop for Intel Core i5 Processors

Many people going to the market for new PCs are more concerned with the processors the system uses. It is not just enough to know that it is an Intel i5 processor as there are variations in the market. Picking the right processor might be so problematic, especially if you are not an IT guru.

Fortunately, ALLHDD makes it simple. Just contact us for technical support if you need help when shopping for these processors. Our technical team is available to offer you support.

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Intel BX80662I56500 3.20GHz Quad-Core Processor

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Intel SLBTK 3.33GHz Processor Intel Core i5

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Intel SR00Q 3.10GHz Quad Core Processor

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Intel SR00T Processor 3.3GHz

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Intel SR0T7 Processor 3.4GHz

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