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Deep engagement with customers requires business owners to create and render captivating and value-rich content to meet clients'' needs. The Intel Xeon 14 core processor comes with exceptional features to help businesses stay ahead of the competition in today's highly competitive business environment. Here on, our collection of the Xeon 14 core processors from the chipzilla Intel includes the following categories; 2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, 2.4GHz, 2.2GHz, 1.7 GHz, 2.1GHz, 1.8GHz, and 2.50GHz. Select from any listings for a top-class CPU at reasonable prices and be glad you did. You stand to enjoy free ground shipping across 48 states in the U.S when you buy from

Cutting-edge Performance

The Intel Xeon 14 core processor series on the 3647 socket seeks to produce unbeatable performance by utilizing faster memory, enhanced interconnect & accelerator engines, coupled with exceptional security to manage data-hungry applications efficiently. These Xeon 14 core CPUs come with all the features of Intel's earlier generation processors. However, there is a boost in their aptitudes by combining 4S-2UPI support and increasing its Two UPI speed Links 9.6GT/s up to 10.4GT/s. The Intel Xeon 14 core also moves to Advanced Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) while boasting other industry-leading features to help power various workloads and complex applications. The Xeon 14 core flaunts enhanced accuracy, offering you much-needed peace of mind by getting rid of workloads or system failures with built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) functionality. Users can take advantage of the hardware-enhanced security innovations such as identity protection feature and manageability with the intel Xeon 14 core CPUs.

Speed and Capability

Intel® Xeon 14 core processors take cutting-edge performance to another level with top-notch innovations and support for ground-breaking technologies. This implies that business owners can simulate, visualize, and deliver super-fast and more efficiently than ever before. These CPUs are optimized for data-intensive applications and workstation professionals that handle a wide range of workflows, such as content creation, pushing AI/deep learning boundaries, and engineering.

Industry-leading Scalability

Today's business owners can conveniently choose the right scalable, secure, flexible, next-generation platform for their data centers like never before. You can count on breakthrough execution and reliability for many workloads and high-end applications from technologies including the very efficient Intel® Advanced Vector Extension 512, Intel® QuickAssist Technology, 1/10GbE Intel® Ethernet high-speed networking, and a bunch of other accelerators.

Get the Intel Xeon 14 core CPU today at affordable prices from and enjoy huge rewards and on investment and data center efficiency.

Cisco UCS-CPU-E52690E 2.6GHz Processor Intel Xeon 14 Core

UCS-CPU-E52690E Cisco Intel Xeon E5-2690V4 14-Core 2.6GHZ 35MB L3 Cache 9.6GT/S QPI Speed Socket FCLGA2011-3 135W 14NM Processor | New Bulk Pack

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Cisco UCS-CPU-E52695DC 2.3GHz Processor Intel Xeon 14 Core
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UCS-CPU-E52695DC Cisco Intel Xeon 14-Core E5-2695V3 2.3GHz 35MB L3 Cache 9.6gt/S Qpi Socket Lga 2011-3 120W 22NM Processor Only | New Bulk Pack

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Cisco UCS-CPU-E52697DC 2.6GHz Processor Intel Xeon 14 Core

UCS-CPU-E52697DC Cisco Intel Xeon 14 Core E5 2697V3 2.6GHz 35MB L3 Cache 9.6gt/S Qpi Speed Socket Fclga2011 3 22NM 145W Processor | New Bulk Pack

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Dell WYKGX 2.6GHz Processor Intel Xeon 14-Core

WYKGX Dell Intel Xeon E5-2690V4 14-Core 2.6GHz 35MB L3 Cache 9.6GT/S QPI Speed Socket FCLGA2011 135W 14NM Processor Only

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