Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB Ram
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Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB Memory PC4-19200 Cl17 ECC New

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M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16 Gigabytes(GB) (1X16GB) 2400 Megahertz (MHz) Pc4-19200 Cl17 ECC Registered Single Rank X4 1.2v Double Data Rate 4 (DDR4) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) 288-Pin Rdimm Memory Module for Server | Made by Samsung | Brand New 3 Years Warranty
Brand Warranty:
3 Years from the Manufacturer
Product Condition:
New Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

Product overview for the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q

In the ever-evolving landscape of server technology, the importance of reliable and high-performance memory cannot be overstated. Samsung, a renowned name in the electronics industry, presents the M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 memory module specifically designed for server applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of this memory module, exploring its specifications, features, and the crucial role it plays in enhancing server performance.

Overview of Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 Server Memory Module

The Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q is a 16GB DDR4 memory module designed for server use. Let's break down the key components of its nomenclature to better understand its specifications:

  • Capacity: The module boasts a capacity of 16GB, indicating the amount of data it can store and process at any given time.
  • Memory Type: DDR4, or Double Data Rate 4, is the fourth generation of the DDR Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM). DDR4 offers improvements in speed and power efficiency compared to its predecessors.
  • Memory Speed: The module operates at a speed of 2400MHz (megahertz), indicating how quickly it can transfer data. Higher MHz values generally result in better performance.
  • CL17 ECC Registered: The CL17 refers to the CAS Latency, a measure of the delay between the memory controller initiating a read command and the data being available. ECC (Error-Correcting Code) ensures data integrity, crucial in server environments where reliability is paramount. The term "Registered" implies that the module uses a register to temporarily hold data before it is transferred, contributing to system stability.
  • Single Rank X4: The module is classified as Single Rank, indicating that memory chips are on one side of the module. X4 denotes the number of banks on each memory chip, with higher numbers implying increased capacity.
  • Voltage: Operating at 1.2 volts, this module is designed for energy efficiency, aligning with modern trends towards greener and more power-efficient computing solutions.
  • Form Factor: The module adopts the 288-Pin RDIMM (Registered Dual Inline Memory Module) form factor, a common choice for server memory due to its stability and reliability.

Importance of Memory in Server Environments

Before delving further into the specifications, it's crucial to understand the pivotal role memory plays in server environments. Servers handle a multitude of tasks simultaneously, from handling user requests to running complex applications. Memory serves as the fast, temporary storage that the server's processor can quickly access, significantly impacting overall system performance.

In a server setting, reliability is paramount. The ECC feature in the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q adds an extra layer of data integrity by detecting and correcting errors that might occur during data storage or retrieval. This is especially critical in environments where system downtime is not an option.

Detailed Examination of Specifications

Now, let's take a closer look at each specification to understand its significance in the context of server memory:

  • Capacity (16GB):
    • In server environments, the demand for memory is often substantial. The 16GB capacity of the M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q strikes a balance between affordability and performance. It allows servers to efficiently handle a considerable amount of data and applications simultaneously.
  • Memory Type (DDR4):
    • DDR4 represents the latest standard in-memory technology, offering improvements over its predecessors. Its increased data transfer rates and lower power consumption contribute to enhanced server performance and efficiency.
  • Memory Speed (2400MHz):
    • The 2400MHz speed signifies the rate at which data can be transferred between the memory module and the processor. In server applications, higher speeds lead to quicker data access, reducing latency and improving overall system responsiveness.
  • CL17 ECC Registered:
    • CAS Latency (CL) is a critical parameter influencing memory performance. The CL17 latency of this module indicates a relatively low delay, contributing to faster data access. The ECC and Registered features ensure data integrity and stability, which are paramount in server environments.
  • Single Rank X4:
    • The Single Rank configuration implies a simpler memory layout with chips on one side, optimizing compatibility and reliability. The X4 designation indicates that each memory chip has four banks, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval of data.
  • Voltage (1.2v):
    • Operating at 1.2 volts, this module aligns with the industry trend towards energy-efficient components. Lower voltage not only reduces power consumption but also contributes to heat reduction, crucial in maintaining stable server performance.
  • Form Factor (288-Pin RDIMM):
    • The 288-Pin RDIMM form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of server systems. RDIMMs, with their registered design, add a buffering mechanism that enhances stability and reliability in high-density memory configurations.

Advantages of Choosing Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 Server Memory

Now that we've dissected the specifications, let's explore the tangible benefits that the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q brings to server environments:

  • Enhanced Performance:
    • The 2400MHz speed, low CAS Latency (CL17), and DDR4 architecture collectively contribute to improved data transfer rates and reduced latency. This translates to faster application response times and overall system performance.
  • Reliability with ECC:
    • Error detection and correction provided by ECC technology are essential for server applications where data integrity is non-negotiable. The M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q ensures that errors are identified and corrected, minimizing the risk of data corruption.
  • Stability with Registered Design:
    • The registered design of this memory module adds stability to server operations, especially in systems with multiple memory modules. The register acts as a buffer, preventing data errors and ensuring smooth functioning even under heavy workloads.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    • Operating at 1.2 volts, this module aligns with energy-efficient computing trends. Lower voltage not only reduces power consumption but also contributes to heat management, crucial for maintaining a stable server environment.
  • Scalability and Compatibility:
    • The 288-Pin RDIMM form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of server systems. Additionally, the Single Rank configuration simplifies memory layouts, making it easier to scale up memory capacity as server demands increase.

Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios

Understanding the use cases and deployment scenarios for the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 memory module is essential for making informed purchasing decisions. Here are some scenarios where this module excels:

  • Database Servers:
    • In database servers, quick and reliable access to data is paramount. The combination of high speed (2400MHz), low latency (CL17), and ECC ensures optimal performance and data integrity, critical for database operations.
  • Virtualization Environments:
    • Virtualized environments demand robust memory solutions to handle multiple virtual machines efficiently. The M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q's stability, scalability and ECC make it well-suited for virtualization scenarios.
  • Enterprise Applications:
    • For enterprises running resource-intensive applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software, this memory module provides the performance and reliability needed to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Cloud Computing Servers:
    • In cloud computing environments, where scalability and reliability are key, the M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q offers a balance of capacity and performance. Its registered design adds an extra layer of stability in dynamic cloud settings.

Ensuring proper installation and compatibility is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 memory module. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Check Server Compatibility:
    • Before purchasing, verify that the memory module is compatible with your server. Consult the server's documentation or the motherboard manual to ensure proper fit and functionality.
  • Follow Installation Guidelines:
    • Adhere to the installation guidelines provided by the server manufacturer. Ensure that the server is powered off before installing or replacing memory modules to prevent potential damage.
  • Consider Firmware and BIOS Updates:
    • Check for firmware and BIOS updates for your server. Manufacturers often release updates to enhance compatibility with newer hardware, and ensuring your system is up to date can prevent potential issues.
  • Mindful of Memory Configurations:
    • Understand the memory configuration requirements of your server. Some servers benefit from specific memory configurations for optimal performance, and consulting the server documentation is advisable.
Common Issues

While the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q is designed for reliability, encountering issues is always a possibility. Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

  • Verify Compatibility:
    • Ensure that the memory module is compatible with your server. Check the server documentation and specifications to confirm compatibility.
  • Check for Firm Connections:
    • Ensure that the memory module is securely seated in the DIMM slot. A loose connection can lead to system instability and errors.
  • Update Firmware and BIOS:
    • Keeping your server's firmware and BIOS up to date can resolve compatibility issues. Check the manufacturer's website for any available updates.
  • Test with Individual Modules:
    • If you encounter issues with multiple memory modules, try testing with individual modules to identify if a specific module is causing the problem.
  • Consult Manufacturer Support:
    • If issues persist, reaching out to the server or memory module manufacturer's support can provide valuable assistance. They may offer specific troubleshooting steps or recommend firmware updates.

General Information about the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q

  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Model Number or SKU# M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q
  • Type: Memory (RAM)
  • RAM Type: PC4-19200
  • Product Name: 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module

Technical Details for the 16GB DDR4 Memory

  • Storage Capacity: 16GB
  • Memory Technology: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Number of Modules: 1 x 16GB
  • Memory Speed: 2400MHz DDR4-2400/PC4-19200
  • Data Integrity Check: ECC
  • Features: Single Rank, Registered
  • CAS Latency Timings: CL17
  • Form Factor: 288-pin RDIMM

Outline, the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q 16GB DDR4 memory module stands as a reliable and high-performance solution for server environments. Its specifications, including capacity, speed, ECC, and registered design, collectively contribute to enhanced server performance, stability, and data integrity.

Whether deployed in database servers, virtualization environments, enterprise applications, or cloud computing servers, this memory module offers a balance of capacity and performance. By understanding its specifications, advantages, use cases, and proper installation guidelines, users can make informed decisions to optimize their server configurations.

As technology continues to advance, memory modules like the Samsung M393A2K40BB1-CRC0Q play a pivotal role in ensuring that servers can meet the growing demands of modern computing environments. As servers evolve, reliable and high-performance memory remains a cornerstone for unlocking their full potential.

Brand Warranty:
3 Years from the Manufacturer
Product Condition:
New Factory Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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