Seagate ST20000NM004D 20TB Hard Disk Drive
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Seagate ST20000NM004D 20TB SAS-12GBPS Hard Drive 7.2K RPM New

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ST20000NM004D 20 Terabytes (TB) Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) 12 Gigabytes Per Second (GBPS) 7.2K Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) Exos X20 256mb Buffer 512e/4kn 3.5inch Enterprise Hard Disk Drive | Made by Seagate | Brand New 2 Years Warranty | Dell OEM
Product Condition:
New Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

Product overview for the Seagate ST20000NM004D

The Seagate ST20000NM004D is a 20-terabyte hard drive designed for enterprise-level storage applications. It is a part of Seagate's Exos X20 series, known for its robust performance, reliability, and scalability. With a SAS interface operating at 12Gbps and a rotational speed of 7.2K RPM, this hard drive is engineered to handle demanding workloads, making it an ideal choice for data-intensive environments.

Seagate ST20000NM004D 20TB SAS-12GBPS Hard Drive: A Comprehensive Review

In today's digital age, data storage is a critical component of almost every industry. Whether you are a large corporation, a data center operator, or an individual looking to expand your storage capacity, the Seagate ST20000NM004D 20TB SAS-12GBPS Hard Drive, part of the Exos X20 series, offers a high-capacity solution for your data storage needs. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into the features, specifications, and performance of this enterprise-grade hard drive to help you make an informed decision.

Key Features High Capacity

The most striking feature of the Seagate ST20000NM004D is its colossal 20 terabytes of storage capacity. This is especially significant for organizations and individuals dealing with massive amounts of data, such as high-resolution media files, databases, and data archives. With this level of storage, you can store an extensive library of digital content without the need for multiple drives.

SAS Interface

The drive comes equipped with a SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) interface, which is a high-performance, enterprise-level interface used for connecting hard drives to servers and storage arrays. The 12Gbps SAS interface ensures fast data transfer rates and is well-suited for applications requiring low latency and high bandwidth.

7.2K RPM Speed

The rotational speed of a hard drive has a direct impact on its performance. The Seagate ST20000NM004D boasts a speed of 7,200 revolutions per minute (RPM), making it a 7.2K RPM drive. This speed strikes a balance between high performance and energy efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Buffer Size

The drive also features a substantial buffer size. The buffer, also known as cache, is used to temporarily store data being read from or written to the hard drive. A larger buffer can help improve read and write speeds, especially for frequently accessed data. The exact buffer size of this model may vary, so it's essential to check the specifications for the specific version you are interested in.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Seagate has a reputation for producing enterprise-grade storage solutions, and the Exos X20 series is no exception. The ST20000NM004D is designed to meet the rigorous demands of data center and enterprise environments, with features like rotational vibration tolerance and enhanced error correction.


Let's take a closer look at the detailed specifications of the Seagate ST20000NM004D:

Physical Specifications

  • Form Factor: The drive comes in a standard 3.5-inch form factor, making it compatible with most server and storage systems designed for 3.5-inch drives.
  • Dimensions: Specific dimensions may vary, but it typically conform to the standard 3.5-inch drive size, making it easy to install in most drive bays.


  • Storage Capacity: As mentioned earlier, the Seagate ST20000NM004D offers a massive 20 terabytes of storage capacity.


  • Interface Type: SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 12Gbps


  • Rotational Speed: 7,200 RPM


  • Buffer Size: The buffer size of this hard drive may vary depending on the exact model, so it's essential to check the specific version's specifications.


  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): The MTBF for this hard drive is not provided in the introduction. Seagate typically provides this information in the product specifications, and it is an essential indicator of a drive's reliability.
  • Error Correction: The drive is equipped with advanced error correction mechanisms to ensure data integrity.
  • Rotational Vibration Tolerance: This feature is crucial in multi-drive environments where vibration from one drive can affect the performance and reliability of neighboring drives. The Seagate ST20000NM004D is designed to handle such scenarios effectively.


  • Operating System Compatibility: The drive is typically compatible with major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and various Unix-based systems. However, it's advisable to check the compatibility with your specific system before purchasing.
  • Hot-Swappable: Some enterprise drives are hot-swappable, allowing for easy replacement or expansion without shutting down the entire system. It's important to verify if this feature is available with the ST20000NM004D.

Use Cases

The Seagate ST20000NM004D's high capacity, fast SAS interface, and enterprise-level reliability make it suitable for a wide range of use cases. Here are some scenarios where this hard drive excels:

Data Centers

Data centers require vast storage capacity to handle the ever-increasing volume of data generated and processed by modern applications. The Seagate ST20000NM004D is an ideal choice for data center operators looking to expand their storage infrastructure. Its high capacity and fast data transfer rates ensure that critical data can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Media Production and Entertainment

High-resolution video and audio files can be incredibly large, and media professionals often need to store and access these files with minimal delay. The Seagate ST20000NM004D is well-suited for media production companies, offering the necessary capacity and speed to handle large media libraries.

Archiving and Backup

In many industries, data archiving and backup are critical for compliance and disaster recovery purposes. The 20TB capacity of this hard drive allows organizations to archive large volumes of data securely. Its reliability ensures that archived data remains intact and accessible when needed.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems generate a continuous stream of video footage, and storing this data is essential for security and forensic purposes. The Seagate ST20000NM004D can handle the massive storage requirements of surveillance systems while providing fast access to recorded video.

Enterprise-Level Databases

Large databases require high-speed storage to deliver optimal performance. The SAS interface and rotational speed of the ST20000NM004D make it a suitable choice for organizations running enterprise-level databases, where data retrieval speed is of the essence.


The performance of a hard drive is a crucial factor to consider when evaluating its suitability for specific applications. The Seagate ST20000NM004D offers a combination of features that contribute to its overall performance.

Data Transfer Rates

The 12Gbps SAS interface of the Seagate ST20000NM004D enables high data transfer rates, making it suitable for applications that require fast read and write speeds. The exact transfer rates may vary depending on the specific system configuration and workload.

Seek Time

Seek time is the time it takes for the drive to locate and access a specific piece of data. The rotational speed of 7.2K RPM contributes to reducing seek times, which is essential for applications that require quick access to data.

Error Correction

The drive's advanced error correction mechanisms help maintain data integrity by detecting and correcting errors that may occur during read-and-write operations. This feature is particularly important for enterprise-level applications where data accuracy is paramount.


Enterprise-grade hard drives like the Seagate ST20000NM004D are designed with reliability in mind. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can operate in demanding environments with minimal downtime. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a metric that indicates the expected reliability of a drive. While specific MTBF values for this drive are not provided in this review, Seagate typically includes them in the product specifications.


Scalability is a significant consideration for organizations planning for future growth. The Seagate ST20000NM004D can be part of a scalable storage solution, allowing organizations to expand their storage capacity as needed.

Form Factor

The drive's 3.5-inch form factor is standard for many server and storage systems, but it's important to verify that your system can accommodate this size. Some systems may require drive adapters or trays to fit 3.5-inch drives.


Ensure that your server or storage system supports SAS drives with a 12Gbps interface. This is crucial for achieving the drive's full potential in terms of data transfer rates.

Operating System Compatibility

Verify that the hard drive is compatible with your operating system. The Seagate ST20000NM004D is typically compatible with major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and various Unix-based systems, but it's always a good practice to double-check.


If your organization requires hot-swappable drives for easy replacement and maintenance, confirm whether the Seagate ST20000NM004D supports hot-swapping. Not all enterprise drives offer this feature.

Price and Value

Enterprise-grade hard drives like the Seagate ST20000NM004D come with a premium price tag due to their high capacity, performance, and reliability. When evaluating the value of this hard drive, it's essential to consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) and the specific needs of your organization.

TCO Considerations

The TCO includes not only the upfront cost of the hard drive but also factors such as energy consumption, maintenance, and the potential cost of data loss or downtime. While the Seagate ST20000NM004D may have a higher initial cost compared to consumer-grade drives, its reliability, and performance can lead to lower TCO in the long run.

Warranty and Support

Consider the warranty and support options offered by Seagate. Enterprise drives typically come with longer warranties and access to specialized customer support, providing peace of mind for organizations relying on their storage infrastructure.


The ability to scale your storage infrastructure with the Seagate ST20000NM004D is a valuable feature. It allows you to expand your storage capacity as your organization's needs grow, reducing the need for frequent drive replacements.

General Information about Seagate ST20000NM004D

  • Manufacturer: Seagate
  • Model Number or SKU# ST20000NM004D
  • Type: Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Product Type: SAS-12GBP

Best-Fit Applications for the SAS-12GBP HDD

  • Scalable Hyperscale Applications and Cloud Data Centers
  • Massive Scale-Out Data Centers
  • Big Data Applications
  • High-Capacity Density RAID Storage
  • Mainstream Enterprise External Storage Arrays
  • Distributed File Systems, including Hadoop and Ceph
  • Enterprise Backup and Restore (D2D, Virtual Tape)
  • Centralized Surveillance

Key Features of the 20TB 7.2K RPM Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

  • Storage Capacity: 20 TB
  • Enclosure: Internal
  • Interface: SAS 12 Gbps
  • Sector Size (Bytes per Sector): 512e (512 bytes per sector), 4Kn (4096 bytes per sector)
  • Drive Dimensions: 3.5 inches
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): 2.5 million hours
  • Helium Sealed-Drive Design: Yes
  • Super party: Yes
  • Low Halogen: Yes
  • PowerChoice™ Idle Power Technology: Yes
  • PowerChoice™ Power/Performance Technology: Yes
  • Low Halogen/Hot-Plug Support: Yes
  • Organic Solderability Preservative: Yes
  • RSA 2048 Firmware Verification (SD&D): Yes
Drive Performance
  • Interface Access Speed (GB/s): 12.0, 6.0, 3.0
  • Sustained Data Transfer Rate (Max): 285/272 Mbps (Outer Diameter/Inner Diameter)
  • Random Read/Write 4K QD16 WCD (IOPS): 168/550
  • Average Latency: 4.16 ms
  • Interface Ports: Dual
  • Buffer: 256 MB
  • Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM

In summary, the Seagate ST20000NM004D 20TB SAS-12GBPS Hard Drive, part of the Exos X20 series, is a powerful and reliable storage solution for enterprise and data-intensive applications. With its massive storage capacity, fast SAS interface, and enterprise-grade features, it meets the demands of data centers, media production, archiving, surveillance, and more. While the initial investment may be higher compared to consumer-grade drives, its performance, reliability, and scalability make it a valuable asset for organizations looking to manage and protect their critical data.

Before making a purchase, it's essential to confirm compatibility with your existing hardware and operating system and to consider the total cost of ownership over the drive's lifespan. When used in the right environment and according to its specifications, the Seagate ST20000NM004D can be a cornerstone of your data storage strategy, offering the capacity and performance needed to keep up with the demands of today's digital world.

Product Condition:
New Sealed
Warranty provided by ALLHDD.COM:
90 Days

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