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BladeCenter HS21 Server

Are you looking for a server solution with a high-density that's scalable, easy to control, and with minimum space requirement? If yes, then the IBM BladeCenter HS21 server which is powered by a high-performance Dual-core Intel Xeon processor is your perfect solution.

Based on its design and capabilities, IBM System's BladeCenter HS21 is highly suitable for:

  • Network Collaboration
  • Web Caching
  • Terminal Serving
  • Telecommunications
  • Virtualization
  • Technical or Scientific computing
  • Firewall
  • Active directory services

Therefore, like with other blade servers, BladeCenter HH21 will offer you the following key advantages:

  1. Requires less space
  2. Enhanced reliability
  3. Less costly to manage
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Reduces Total cost of ownership

What Makes BladeCenter HS21 a Special Choice?

#1. BladeCenter HS21 Xeon Processor -Supports Multiple Tasks

BladeCenter HS21 Server is powered by a Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor or Quad-core Intel Xeon processor and, therefore, designed to effectively perform multiple business tasks and transactions. For instance, with Xeon 3.0GHz, you are guaranteed high-speed data processing.

#2. IBM Director for BladeCenter HS21

IBM HS21 Blade Server comes with IBM Director which is an integrated and powerful System Management solution that is also user-friendly.

Its security features allow for easy remote access and management of IT assets.

#3. BladeCenter HS21 Management Module To Monitor Performance

In order to facilitate remote server management, IBM BladeCenter HS21 comes with a Management module. The module monitors server's voltage and power supply status, and therefore, allows for easy detection of issues, and management of the system's performance

#4. Efficient Network Data Transfer

IBM BladeCenter HS21 comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and, therefore, allows for connection to multiple networks. Because of this, network efficiency is enhanced especially in Network Redundancy applications.

Further, it allows for the installation of a Fiber Channel expansion card to achieve high-speed data transfer. Because BladeCenter Hs21 can be linked to Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module, it allows for enhanced network performance and efficiency that's good for your business.

#5. Memory Expansion Capabilities

Hs21 has memory expansion ports and hence allows for high-speed memory upgrade with Ddr2 SDRAM-ECC for improved performance

#6. Storage Expansion Card Connectivity

IBM BladeCenter HS21 allows for storage expansion using a PCI-E expansion card and is hence a scalable solution. It allows for a maximum of two I/O expansion cards, and therefore, provides the convenience you need to increase your server's storage capacity.

#7. SAS HDD Storage

Hs21 server supports up to 2 storage non-hot swap SAS Hard Disk Drives which are suitable for enterprise computing. Because it allows for a maximum capacity of 146 GB per disk, it's a flexible and cost-effective storage option

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IBM 8853L6U Xeon 3.0GHz Server BladeCenter HS21
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8853L6U IBM Blade Center HS21 1X Intel Xeon Dual Core 5160/3.0GHZ 1GB RAM 2X Gigabit Ethernet Blade Server. Refurbished.

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