Server - Integrity RX2660

Integrity RX2660 types

Server - HP Integrity rx2660

In the current business computing environment, investing in a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-manage server solution is critical. HP Integrity rx2660 server offers a cost-effective, robust, and flexible entry-class solution that will effectively handle your wide range of business workloads.

Reasons For Choosing HP Integrity rx2660

1. Superior Intel Itanium Processor

The server comes with either dual-core or single-core processors, and therefore, tailored to fulfill your different business workloads.

Since it's powered by an enterprise-level Intel Itanium processor, its handling of cache server software is advanced as it supports 64-bit address space.

As such, it provides a high-level application performance that many businesses desire.

Because of its business-oriented features and UNIX strength, it remains a favorite choice for small, medium-size, and large business establishments.

2. Flexibility Features

Whether your application choice is Linux, Server 2003, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX 11i, or OpenVMS, with HP Integrity rx2660, you are covered.

2.1 Installation Flexibility

Unlike many servers, it provides the flexibility you need in different environments.

You can, therefore, take advantage of its rack-optimized design, or pedestal form factor based on your data center location. Flexibility at its best!

2.2 Storage Expansion Flexibility

The server supports multiple hard disks allowing you to achieve high storage capacity as may be demanded by your business.

Further, for more future storage expansion, it has hot-plug PCI Express expansion card slots for your convenience.

3. Remote Management Capability

It's enriched with advanced integrated tools and as such, provides the desired control and server management efficiency that you desire.

4. Availability Features

It's innovatively equipped with security features to enhance the system's availability. These include but not limited to:

  • Redundant Cooling Fan
  • Redundant Power Supply Unit
  • Authentication and Authorization features
  • Double Chips and Spare Memory
  • Error Checking and Correction modules

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